Addressing the root-cause of your symptoms takes more than medication or surgery. Naturopathic medicine offers a safer alternative that utilizes the body's natural ability to heal.

We'll evaluate many aspects of your health helping identify the root of your symptoms.

We'll supplement alternative treatment with the best of nature to help you get well! 

All Therapies

Therapies we practice are healthy holistic alternatives to other more risky treatments like surgery or medications. All therapies practiced are used within a patient's customized wellness plan that we develop based on the root-cause of their symptoms.

Pain Relief

Pain from joint degeneration or injury can be debilitating and frustrating. Surgery and medications should be utilized as a last resort. Whether your pain is from joint dysfunction, injury, or headaches, there are natural ways to allow the body to heal properly and get rid of pain.

Stress & Anxiety

We all encounter feelings of nervousness, anxiousness, and fear. Some may may frequently encounter these feelings in normal, every day living which can effect or limit normal functioning. There are healthy ways for relieving stress and managing anxiety.

Digestive Health

Digestive issues may cause bloating, nausea, abnormalities in bowel movements, and other uncomfortable symptoms. However, someone may be dealing with digestive issues and not notice any symptoms. Learn about our customized approach to normalizing digestion.

Sleep Health/ Insomnia

A deficiency in good sleep can lead to a number of other health effects. It is at the foundation of good health. There are natural remedies to combat insomnia and help you get the rest you need. Learn about pinpointing the root-cause of your sleep issues.


Depression is a real medical condition that should be properly treated. Medication at certain times is an appropriate tool and should be used only as prescribed. This can be supported by natural help. Learn about our natural approach to helping patients dealing with depression.


Fatigue is often the repercussions from another condition on your body. It can limit a person's ability to function throughout the day. Causes vary quite widely. Learn about getting to the root-cause of your fatigue and natural ways for resolving it.

Hormone Imbalance

Hormone imbalance can result in hot flashes, mood swings, depression and irritability, increased appetite and other uncomfortable symptoms. Hormone imbalances can often be cured and managed through natural means. 

Type 2 Diabetes

Type 2 diabetes can have serious effects on your health such as nerve damage, kidney issues and others. While this condition is often serious, it is also manageable and in some cases reversible through customized natural treatment.

Food Allergies

Common symptoms of food allergies are flushing or rashes on the skin, asthma, hives, and nausea or vomiting. We perform food sensitivity tests and help patients with a customized diet protocol to help them avoid and lessen their food reactions. 

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Copyright 2023 - Equilibrium Natural Health - All Rights Reserved