Therapies and Specializations

*All Therapies are customized to each patient

PRP/ Prolotherapy

Prolotherapy and PRP are great ways to alleviate lingering and chronic pain. They are both an injection at the site of injury that mildly irritates the tissue causing slight inflammation. This allows the body generate new new stronger tissue by creating new collagen that has great effects for pain relief. Prolotherapy/ PRP  utilizes the body's natural healing ability to alleviate pain and restore tissue. 

Spine/ Muscle Therapies

We practice basic spinal and other joint adjustments in the office through both hand manipulation and the activator method. We also perform PRP and Prolotherapy injections for spinal injuries like herniated discs. We practice total body modification (TBM) which is a comprehensive system of alternative healing which restores the body’s self-regulation by working through the autonomic nervous system.

Emotional Therapies

We practice EFT, NET, and meditation techniques with our patients, depending on their needs, in order to help them overcome emotional barriers. From evaluating the three aspects of health in our person's life, physical, biochemical, and mental/emotional, we practice these techniques to strengthen and support patients in on the mental/emotional side befitting all aspects of health. 

Herbal Medicine/ Homeopathy

Herbal/ botanical medicine is a branch of medicine that applies the extracts from plants and herbs to a variety of health symptoms. This includes essential oils. We want to address the both the symptom and the cause of our patients and we use natural supplements heavily in that process. They are most often used in conjunction with other therapies and practices appointed to the patient to support their healing.

Iridology/ Tongue Reading

Iridology is the study of the iris to identify conditions of health in the body. Certain portions of the iris correlate with parts, or systems in the body and can be used to monitor the changes or shifts in a person's health. Tongue reading is another method that we use to monitor and get clues as to your health and the state of your body. You can think of your tongue as a map of your body's systems.

Nutritional/ Digestive Therapies

There are three main types of metabolism or way the body takes in energy and they are grouped in thirds. Each person falls into one of these general groups. At equilibrium natural health our starting point with everyone is diet as it is your poison or your best healthy energy source. It is key to good health and affects all aspects of health. Many conditions are improved through adjustments in diet and lifestyle. 

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