Food Allergies & Sensitivities

What Are the Causes?

Do you think you may be dealing with a food sensitivity or intolerance? They're triggered by the immune system's response to a specific substance. Common symptoms of food allergies are flushing or rashes on the skin, asthma, hives, and nausea or vomiting. Certain symptoms can be very serious and in some cases lead to death. Conversely some symptoms may occur weeks later. Many people live with food sensitivities and don't even know it. While there is no known cure for food allergies and sensitivities there are natural ways of strengthening the body's immune system and minimizing allergic symptoms. 

Our Treatment Options

With all health conditions we work to identify the underlying cause of the problem and offer effective customized treatments. There are a number of ways that we help our patients with food sensitivities and allergies. 

We perform patient food sensitivity tests to identify foods that cause digestive inflammation, irritation and other reactions; dramatic or subtle. Trigger foods vary as each person is different. As patients learn to avoid these foods they can see their reactions dissipate. We also determine a patient's metabolic type through the metabolic test. Results from both tests help us define a tailored diet allowing their digestive system to react less.

We evaluate all aspects of our patient's health, physical, biochemical (diet), and mental/ emotional. Accordingly we determine any other underlying factors that contribute to their symptoms. Additional remedies are used to address them.

Schedule to Meet With Us

We'll partner with you to create a plan to get you back to health! Create a customized plan to manage food allergies and sensitivities.

If you're not sure yet you may schedule a free 30-minute discovery session with Dr. Fisher to explore available treatments and how they can help.

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