Nutritional/ Digestive Therapies

Nutrition Counseling

Nutrition and the food a person puts into their body plays a large part in their health condition. As we meet with each new patient we perform a metabolic test to determine their metabolic type. From these results we determine what diet will be most suitable to you the patient and ultimately what will help you to be the healthiest. There is a lot of information that is scattered about what food is the best for you and what fad diet might be playing out right now but the reality is there is no one diet for everyone.

There are three main types of metabolism or way the body takes in energy and they are grouped in thirds. One third of the population needs lots of green vegetables and should have minimal meat or animal proteins, one third of the population that needs a balance of meat and veggies and the last is the third of the population with the fastest metabolism that needs to eat red meat or meat in general at about every meal. At equilibrium natural health our starting point with everyone is diet as it is your poison or your best healthy energy source 3 times daily.

Food Allergy Disensitization

Natural medicine can help greatly help with food allergies. A food allergy or sensitivity response is triggered when the body's immune system responds to a particular food substance as it would to a virus. At Equilibrium we work with patients to desensitize them to an allergic substance by spinal stimulation. This technique (NET) helps the nervous system not react with the substance. Additionally, we supply techniques and diet changes to strengthen the immune system and reduce allergic responses. 

Nutrition Response Testing

We perform tests to determine the nutritional needs of the patient. This technique analyzes systems of the body that correlate with different points on the body's surface. From what we see in the patient's bodily response we can determine what nutrients are needed to heal those areas of the body that are deficient. 

What Conditions Can Nutritional Therpaies Help With?

Nutrition is essential to good health and affects all aspects of good health. Many times, no matter the patient's condition or symptoms, they are improved with adjustments to diet and lifestyle. Nutritional and digestive therapies can help with many conditions such as:

  • - type 2 diabetes
  • - food allergies/ sensitivities
  • - irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)
  • - hemorrhoids
  • - reflux disease
  • - low energy

  • - autoimmune disorders
  • - bloating/ nausea
  • - weight loss
  • - detoxification
  • - joint degeneration/ injury
  • - and many others

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