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Need help with your stress? Need a mood boost? Here is a great solution for you to thrive.


High quality professionally supplements may be helpful for you if any of the following apply.

  • Not eating organic foods from your garden
  • Over-stressed with work or personal life
  • Tired to the point that you cannot function
  • Exposure to environmental issues putting oxidative stress on your body
  • Side effects from medications or other environmental factors

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Our modern day stressful lives take a lot out of us. So many of us are so busy with all the things we feel that we need to accomplish.  We are exposed to all sorts of environmental issues emotionally and biochemically that cause dysfunction in our bodies. Energy tends to be low when we don’t slow down and then we cannot get done all that we want to.

There are many common stressors such as need for overtime at work due to increased costs of living or lack of physical exercise causing stress on our bodies. If you have children, there are many activities that tend to take up a lot of time leading to later evenings. This often translates into less time doing things that you want to do.

We are exposed to chemicals, poisons and metals in our environment, EVEN when trying to eat healthy foods and cook in healthy ways. Some organic foods have been found to be contaminated with chemical sprays of varying kinds. What qualifies as organic depends on the institution that puts out the labeling. Taking prescription or over-the-counter medications can also use up all your body’s available vitamins and resources. All of these stressors on our bodies require additional supplementation, something to give us support. B-vitamins help with detoxification and keep your systems running at full speed. Supplementation of vitamins in most cases can be very helpful!

When most of us are tired, we have a tendency to turn to things like coffee, tea, energy drinks and even cheap synthetic vitamins which are full of substances. These substances push our bodies and nervous system rather than support it, often leading to burnout in the long run. It’s really important to know that using these substances is a short-term solution and that they only cause problems in the long-term.

B-vitamins, on the other hand, help our bodies deal with modern stress in a more efficient manner and give us the energy that we need to succeed. Taking a high quality B-complex can to provide an extra energy boost for support without imposing negative side effects like other stimulants have.

Ready for energy now? Order high quality PhytoMulti for greater energy and stress support now! Get 15% off of your first order. We recommend PhytoMulti with iron for Woman.

There are eight B-vitamins, each with their own purpose and role within the body. B-vitamins are water-soluble and important for cell metabolism, normal functioning of the central nervous system, and the formation of red blood cells. In general, all the B-vitamins we need should be available through our diet, but most of us either do not eat well enough to be supported or we tend to have an increased need based our our environment. (The gaps in the number sequence of the B vitamins, eg. B3, B5 and no B4 vitamin, is the result of substances once being called vitamins, but now being understood not to be vitamins.)

How long should I take my high quality PhytoMulti for?

That is a great question! Think about this: how long are you going to be stressed or in a stressful situation for? As long as you live in a stressful environment and are not eating your own full organic meals from your own organic garden loaded with fresh rich earth minerals, it will be worthwhile to take a high quality multi-nutrtitional highly absorb-able professional supplement.

Interested in what to look for when finding a good quality supplement? We understand. Here are some things you need to look for in a high quality supplement.

  1. Antioxident support including good quality vitamin a, c and e and other antioxidants of varying kinds including herbal options.
  2. Where is it sourced from? If the company will not give you clear information on where they get their products and what they have tested for, be very cautious.
  3. High quality absorb-able vitamins. Many supplements are made from petroleum products and are often not well absorbed. Centrum has been one of the highest selling supplements nationwide and is also one of the least absorbed of all supplements. The joke among the port-a-potty industry is that they can see what kind of supplements some people have been taking (e.g. centrum) because they can often still see the pill with the writing on the side of it.
  4. A good quality company that you can contact directly and get information from them.

There are many things that go into finding a good quality supplement that are important for you in your daily environment. If you would like a supplement brand that we have researched and used for ourselves and have seen good clinical results with, check out the link below.

If you’re a current patient and are on specific supplements for your symptoms, don’t worry, you can add B-vitamins to your regiment without any problems and do so long-term; it will support your current treatment protocol.

Ready for energy now? Order high quality PhytoMulti for greater energy and stress support now! Get 15% off of your first order. We recommend PhytoMulti with iron for Woman.

Click here for the detailed information related to PhytoMulti. MET1825_PhytoMultiDetail


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