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Have Back Pain?

Learn the simple and natural techniques to relieve back pain without pain medication or surgery.

Trouble Sleeping?

You may be dealing with insomnia. Learn to help your body get restful sleep with natural steps. 

Stomach Problems?

Bloating, pain, and nausea can be treated naturally. Learn simple tips to eliminate digestive trouble.

Feeling Anxious?

Learn stress relief techniques for the symptoms of anxiety and enjoy better health. 

Simple, At-Home, Natural Remedies for Your Symptoms

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You Want to Get Well

At Equilibrium Natural Health your wellness is our focus. We utilize the best of eastern and western medicine, along with other medically based natural therapies to address your symptoms. We support our patients in their health goals. Wellness plans are individually tailored to get you well and back to doing the things you love!

"I started seeing Dr. Fisher over 2 1/2 years ago. I had many challenges. We have made tremendous progress even after a setback (terrible car accident). Dr. Fisher is truly one of the best medical professionals I have ever seen. Dr. Fisher is the first doctor (in twenty years) to identify the root cause of my medical condition(s). I am 47 years old and feel better than I have in 15 years."


"Dr Fisher is hands down the best Dr I have ever seen. His approach to your health is well rounded and successful. I have had absolutely nothing but success with his treatment. He is personable and professional, I highly recommend him!"


You're Tired of Medication Only Reducing Symptoms

Much of modern western medicine takes a "band-aid" approach to your condition and won't always address the whole issue. While acute treatment is sometimes needed, we also address the initial cause of your symptoms. We do this by evaluating the patient as a whole and then supplying the body to heal completely with little to no medication. 

"At the age of 52 I was having a hard time walking. I hesitated going up and down stairs. My sciatica was so bad... I was living on Alieve pain killer. Dr. Fisher started working with me. I changed my diet. Received prolotherapy... I am now 61. I feel like 40! I'm back doing every activities that I used to do."


"He helped treat my acid reflux, for which I rarely have recurrences. Plus, no meds!"


You are Ready for a More Natural Approach

The body has an amazing ability to heal itself. We implement natural techniques are safe and vitalize the body's innate ability to heal while giving it all the best resources to do it. This cuts out many negative side effects that can come from medications or surgery. Because of this, many patients see areas of their health improve like never before.

"I have found Dr. Fisher very interested in a person’s health and engages in listening and understanding what you are dealing with or are seeking direction on. Then he advises things for you to take or do. He seeks to use things that work with the body to bring about desired results which I prefer."


"It's nice to find a medical professional who looks at the body as a whole. He has helped me understand how my body carries and expresses stress, and how to manage it in medically-based and surprisingly practical ways."


​"There are not enough good things to say about Dr. Fisher and Equilibrium Natural Health. I originally saw Dr. Fisher over a year ago for persistent headaches and debilitating migraines that I had been suffering with for well over a decade. Over the course of this last year not only did Dr. Fisher help treat the cause of my headaches/migraines he also helped find the cause and a solution to my constant fatigue. ... Thank you Dr. Fisher and Equilibrium Natural Health!"


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