Joint Pain

What Are the Causes?

Pain in different joints in the body can be very frustrating and put a limit on activities that otherwise might be simple. Causes for various joint pain can develop from the strain put on that joint. For knee pain it could develop from crouching or kneeling frequently. For pain in the shoulders it could come from frequently carrying a heavy bag. Similar principles are true for pain in other joints such as the feet or hips. Joint degeneration is also a major cause of pain from such conditions as osteoarthritis or tendinitis. Causes may also stem from more underlying factors that would need to be identified by a healthcare professional.

Our Treatment Options

With all health conditions we work to identify the underlying cause of the problem and offer effective customized treatments. When it comes to pain people think so often that surgery and medication are their only options. While these modes of treatment are sometimes necessary, they should be a last resort. There are much safer, non-invasive natural treatments.

At Equilibrium we practice regenerative therapies like PRP Prolotherapy as one option for effective natural pain relief. These therapies are great natural alternatives to surgery and steroidal injections. Prolotherapy/ PRP injects the site of injury with a natural solution creating a dramatic increase in the body's healing response to that area. This response tightens the ligaments and tendons in that area thus decreasing pain. See how prolotherapy/PRP and regenerative therapies can help you.

We also practice naturopathic manual therapy for restoration of proper structural alignment to relieve pain. We refer out to phenomenal health partners for more intensive physical therapy. With all treatments we advise our patients on effective healthy eating and other protocols which are integral to overall healing of their joint pain. Additionally we may utilize remedies to treat underlying contributors to pain.

Schedule to Meet With Us

We'll partner with you to create a plan to get you back to health! We'll help identify the cause of your joint pain and offer effective natural treatment options for you. 

If you're not sure yet you may schedule a free 30-minute discovery session with Dr. Fisher to explore available treatments and how they can help. We also have a free online guide for back pain available for you. In this guide you'll learn about natural supplements that may also prove helpful in reducing other joint pain. 

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