Your First Visits Road Map

Below is a road map of the steps you need to take as a new patient. Your completion of these tasks is very important. We'll provide you the best care possible, but that requires a bit of preparation on your part to get started.

1. Call to Schedule

If you have not already, call our office at (360) 698-4141 to speak with our receptionists and make an appointment with Dr. Fisher. You may also schedule by email through the button. If you are a long distance from Silverdale, WA you may also schedule to meet with Dr. Fisher live over phone call, Skype, or Facetime for basic care.  

2. Access Patient Portal to Fill Out New Patient Forms

Create a login for your patient portal and fill out the new patient forms as directed. These documents can be found in the 'Questionnaires' folder of your portal dashboard. The questionnaire is what allows Dr. Fisher to get a picture of your health condition as a whole person. We ask that you please have these documents submitted online 48 business hours before your first appointment. If you find you need more time to fill out these documents you may need to reschedule and will be subject to a missed visit fee.

3. Submit Your Insurance Information

NOTE: You only need to complete this step if you plan to bill through insurance.

Good news! We accept most insurances! As per Washington state law, it is your responsibility to know your insurance and ensure your doctor’s office has accurate information to be able to submit claims on your behalf.

More information about insurance and billing can be found on our billing and insurance page.

4. Review Brief New Patient Education

This is a series of short lessons reviewing important concepts of health that are important for you to understand as a new patient at your first appointment. You can review them by following the button or reading through the email series that we'll be sending you preceding your first appointment. Please add the email to your email white-list to ensure you will see our info in your inbox. If you don't see it your main inbox it sometimes gets sent to spam.

How to add an email to your white-list

Why do we invest in educating our patients?

5. Prepare for a Simple, In-Office, Metabolic Test.

The day before your first appointment follow the simple steps (outlined in drop-down below) to prepare for the in-office metabolic test at your first appointment. For this we test basic urine and saliva samples that you'll give in the office for us  to determine your metabolic type which allows for customized diet and health treatments. 

Steps for Metabolic Test Preparation

6. Your First Appointment (45-70 min.)

The purpose of your first appointment is for us to gather as much information as we can so we can understand your health condition. We discuss your health concerns and goals as well as address immediate health needs to begin the reduction of your symptoms. 

You'll cover with Dr. Fisher:

  • Metabolic test and go over test results
  • Details of new patient intake forms (filled out beforehand in patient portal)
  • Preliminary treatment options to begin reducing symptoms.

Please remember:

  • Prepare for your metabolic test in the office
  • Bring any recent lab work and current medications
  • Avoid wearing skirts, colognes, or perfumes

7. Your Second Appointment: The Report of Findings (20-30 min.)

The purpose of your second appointment is to cover in more depth the findings from your first visit. It is also for Dr. Fisher to help you establish a wellness plan for reaching your health goals and addressing your symptoms.

You'll cover with Dr. Fisher:

  • Proposed wellness plans to address major symptoms and long-term care.
  • Additional supplements for treatment (1-3)

Please remember:

  • Second appointments are generally scheduled 1-5 business days after first appointments.

Continuing Care Phases

  • Relief Care: This phase of care is designed for us to remove the barriers to your healing. 
  • Restorative Care: As the barriers to the body's healing are removed, the primary symptoms are reduced.
  • Wellness Care: Once the body has reached a level of healing that is sufficient, you will move into wellness care to maintain healing and optimal health.

Have questions? Call us at (360) 698-4141

Have questions? Call us at 
(360) 698-4141

Being a new patient may be a little confusing at times and we want to ensure that you understand how to prepare for optimal healthcare!

Not Sure Yet? Schedule a Free Discovery Session

If you're wondering if natural medicine is right for you, we encourage you to schedule a free 30-minute discovery session with Dr. Fisher. This session will present possible treatment options for you and help determine how natural medicine can meet your needs.

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