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Introduction to Natural Medicine

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About this course:

A brief introduction to helpful concepts that will greatly enhance your experience and understanding in improving your health. Ideally this information is to be be reviewed before you come in for your first appointment. 

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What Does it Mean to Be Healthy?

Most people think that health is the absence of symptoms. Conversely we understand health is more than that. A correct understanding of what health is helps you see where you’re at as well as where you want to go.

Gathering Info and Understanding the Root-Cause

In this lesson we'll cover the concepts of holistic healing; how the condition of one aspect of your health affects the others. This philosophy is a guiding foundation of how we treat your symptoms. We'll also explore how we use the best of eastern AND western medicine to gather information on how best to optimize health.  

Investing in Your Health

When your body and mind are healthy it allows for you to follow the lifestyle that you most want. If you do not already, we want you to begin to see your health as an investment, not just something you consider every six months. 

Morphogenic Field - How We Use It

The morphogenic field technique was developed by Dr. Springob. It's based on the theory that all objects have a field of influence around them and measuring that influence gives us a way of, in turn, measuring your health.

Understanding the Urine and Saliva (Metabolic) Test

We've covered information gathering already. The metabolic test is one of the most vital ways for us to gather information and evaluate your health on a highly-personalized basis. Here we'll explore how these tests enable us to tailor your treatments with great accuracy.

Pre-Follow Up Visit 1 Lesson