Back Pain

Symptoms and Causes

Back pain is a very common ailment that many adults may experience at some point in life. Some may experience nagging, consistent back pain or sporadic periods of intense pain which can be debilitating. It may often cause once enjoyable activities to become frustratingly limited or less pleasurable. Back pain can manifest itself as a dull ache or sharp pain from muscle strain or injury. Back pain may also throb or burn in the lower back and extend down the leg or other extremities accompanied by tingling, numbness, and even muscular weakness. This kind of pain is often caused due to pressure on the sciatic nerve from a bulging or herniated spinal disc. Some causes are less obvious and should be identified by a healthcare professional.

Our Treatment Options

With all health conditions we work to identify the underlying cause of the problem and offer effective customized treatments. While pain medication and occasional surgery are sometimes necessary, they are a last resort. There are safer, non-invasive, natural treatments for back pain.

At Equilibrium we provide regenerative therapies like PRP Prolotherapy as an effective option for natural pain relief. Prolotherapy/ PRP injects the site of injury with a platelet and dextrose solution creating a dramatic increase in the body's healing response to that area. This response tightens the ligaments and tendons in that area thus decreasing pain. Regenerative therapies are a safe alternative to medication and surgery. See how prolotherapy/PRP and regenerative therapies can help you.

We also practice naturopathic manual therapy to help relieve back pain. We also refer out to phenomenal community health partners for more rigorous spinal treatments. With all therapies, we advise our patients on a customized diet and other protocols which are integral to overall healing of their back pain. We may utilize additional natural treatments to treat underlying contributors to pain.

A Free Guide for Naturally Beating Back Pain

We've constructed a FREE online guide for naturally beating back pain designed to help you begin implementing healthy natural habits for pain reduction. We explore effective natural supplements and other solutions for reducing your back pain that you can start right now at home!

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