Iridology and Tongue Reading

What is Iridology?

Iridology is the study of the iris to identify conditions of health in the body. Certain portions of the iris correlate with parts, or systems in the body and can be used to monitor the changes or shifts in a person's health. Iridology is also used as a technique for diagnosis. If a system is not functioning at a healthy level it may be indicated in the patient's iris. Iridology is another way that we can look at the body in a holistic manner and get to the root of a patient's symptoms. It is used in conjunction with many other tools to do so.

Tongue Reading

Tongue reading is another method that we use to monitor and get clues as to your health and the state of your body. You can think of your tongue as a map of your body's systems. Certain characteristics of the tongue, such as cracks, the coating, and the color, give indications of your body's condition. For example, if your tongue is very red looking it may indicate that you have too much heat in your body. Clues such as these give us insights into your energy levels, hormones, and digestion. 

How We Use These Techniques

We utilize these monitoring techniques to help get to the root of our patients' symptoms. Checking the systems of the body though these techniques plays a part in indicating whether certain systems are functioning as they should.

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