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We accept most major insurances. Currently we are in network providers for the following insurances:

  • - Blue Cross/ Blue Shield
    - United
    - Regence
    - First Choice
    - Kaiser (formerly Group Health)
    - Premera (major plans through Premera BC/BS Network – which includes Global, Heritage, Foundation, Heritage Prime and Heritage Signature Networks)
    - Premera LifeWise Assurance plans
    - Premera LifeWise Health Plan of Washington (which includes LifeWise Preferred and LifeWise Connect networks)

Forms of payment we accept:

  • - Cash
    - Personal Checks
    - Money Orders
    - All major credit/ debit/ HSA cards

Dr. Cy Fisher will be listed as an in-network provider on the above insurances directory listings.

Please Note: Regardless of whether or not a patient’s insurance is listed above, submission of insurance information to our outside billing agency, Prestige Medical Billing Co., Inc. is required. Also, as a patient is it your responsibility to know your insurance plan thoroughly. If your insurance is owned out of state, that state has the overall say as to whether or not they will uphold Washington state guidelines for your naturopathic insurance coverage. In these cases, you are responsible for payment of your bills and you will need to appeal your insurance personally.

For all insurances not listed above, we are able to serve patients under his/her out-of-network benefits, if any. To determine these benefits, submission of insurance information to our outside billing agency, Prestige Medical Billing Co., Inc. is required.

Reimbursement Steps:

For Patients Wishing to Find Out Coverage Prior to Scheduling:

1. Download the Insurance Verification worksheet below and call your insurance company to obtain the answers to complete it.
2. Call Prestige Medical Billing at (360) 805-0323 to submit information verbally, or you can submit insurance information online by providing all necessary information on the contact form, including the name of the doctor you will be seeing at our clinic.

For Patients Who Have Already Called to Schedule:

1. Refer to your Patient Portal Invitation Email to submit insurance information online to Prestige. You can also call them for verbal submission of your insurance information.
2. Set up your patient portal and log in.
3. Complete all intake forms within your patient portal 24 hours prior to your scheduled appointment time (these intake forms include the Insurance Verification Worksheet.)

HSA/ FLEX PLANS- Supplements

We ask that patients let us know ahead of time that they will be using funds from an Health Saving Account (HSA) as extra time is required to prepare necessary documentation. The patient will need to keep this documentation on file should he/she be audited. Please note that a $5 clerical fee could be charged for the documentation.

Outside Billing Agency

Prestige Medical Billing Co., Inc. assists all potential and established patients with many of their insurance needs. They work hard for each patient and fight for reimbursement in the event of any erroneous denials. They do not fight for denials designated They also help patients determine what naturopathic coverage they have through quotes, at no expense. These quotes DO NOT guarantee coverage. Overall it is the decision of the insurance company when the claim is processed by them what they will reimburse based on the individual plan benefits/coverage. For a quote, simply follow the steps under Reimbursement Steps for assistance.

Outside Billing Agency

For all patients wishing or needing to submit claims on their own, we ask that reception be informed, a head of time, as additional forms must be signed and extra information must be collected.

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