What Do We Do?

We are a natural health clinic in Silverdale, Washington. At Equilibrium, as we meet with our patients, we evaluate their health holistically to identify the root cause of their health dysfunction or imbalance. Then we provide them with supreme health care solutions that, put simply, "just work".

The basis of our clinical choices always start with sound scientific research, individual lab diagnostics, and the best of nature. Used collectively, these diagnostic tools allow us to determine which therapies will ensure the most rapid success tailored to each individual.

A Health Partnership

We love partnering with patients who are dedicated to making health and wellness a deliberate priority in their lives and who commit to being better everyday. As we meet with patients we create a customized plan to address their symptoms and health goals. This prescribed plan is subject to adjustment every three to six weeks as patient's treatment progresses.

The majority of patients see positive results almost immediately. However, it should be remembered that natural healing takes a deliberate investment of a patient’s time and a doctor’s resources to reach health goals. With that said, our request to patients is a three month commitment at minimum, with the anticipation of more concentrated time should it be necessary. For the more chronic cases, patients can expect a partnership of two to five years.

Our Mission

We often hear of individuals who are discouraged by past diagnoses or have lost hope there is any wellness help out there for them. This may stem from the false idea that health and wellness is a 'one size fits all'. We wish to change the consciousness of the community for the better. We also have looked for health and wellness in our own lives and want to share what makes our lives better with those we meet.

Our mission is to change the world, one body at a time, by partnering with patients to help them achieve a more balanced and optimal level of health. Further, it is our mission to inform, educate, empower, and motivate others to unite in the cause of changing the consciousness of the world regarding health and health care options.

Meet Us


ND, Dr. Fisher 

Dr. Cy Fisher was introduced to natural medicine when a close family member was diagnosed with late stage cancer and chose the natural option. Thereafter, Dr. Fisher personally turned to naturopathy and experienced its powerful effects. This personal experience compelled him to become a healer using natural therapies that “just work.”


Dr. Fisher received his doctorate degree from the National College of Natural Medicine, the oldest nationally recognized and accredited naturopathic medical school in the United States. He completed his undergraduate studies at Dixie State University where he earned a Bachelor of Biological Sciences Degree.

Clinical Rotations:

During his rotations, Dr. Fisher interned with well-know and sought after Naturopathic Physician, Dr. Steven-Sandberg Lewis. Dr. Steven-Sandberg Lewis wrote Functional Gastroenterology and is one of the premiere researchers of SIBO – also known as small intestinal bacterial overgrowth. Dr. Fisher spent an additional year with Dr. Steven-Sandberg Lewis utilizing neurofeedback for traumatic brain injuries. During these internships, Dr. Fisher learned the value of working with emotions and seeing a person as a whole to determine the root cause of a problem.

Practiced Treatments:

  • Adrenal Dysfunction
  • Fertility/Infertility
  • Energetics and Emotional Balance
  • Primary Family Medicine
  • Hormone Inbalance
  • Thyroid Health
  • Autoimmune Support

Practiced Treatments:


Tim Meikle, Administrative Specialist

Tim makes it a priority to help patients feel welcome and understood. His care is evident in helping appointments and clinic operations run smoothly. He always provides cheerful and effective service. 

Melissa LaClair, Office Administrator

Her many years of office administration and management shines through in her quality relations with each patient at Equilibrium Natural Health. You’ll always be met with a smile, listening ear, and knowledgeable service. 

Equilibrium Natural Health

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Copyright 2023 - Equilibrium Natural Health - All Rights Reserved

Copyright 2023 - Equilibrium Natural Health - All Rights Reserved