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At Equilibrium Natural Health our passion is providing quality natural healthcare solutions to our patients. While it is not always easy or straightforward, it pays off when we see what our care brings to the lives of our patients. Below we've featured their comments and feedback!

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I have had absolutely nothing but success with his treatment.

Dr Fisher is hands down the best Dr I have ever seen. His approach to your health is well rounded and successful. I have had absolutely nothing but success with his treatment. He is personable and professional, I highly recommend him!


There Are Not Enough Good Things to Say

If you are looking for a knowledgeable, friendly naturopath with great bedside manner then look no further! There are not enough good things to say about Dr. Fisher and Equilibrium Natural Health. I originally saw Dr. Fisher over a year ago for persistent headaches and debilitating migraines that I had been suffering with for well over a decade. Over the course of this last year not only did Dr. Fisher help treat the cause of my headaches/migraines he also helped find the cause and a solution to my constant fatigue. I found Dr. Fisher through a family member who is also a patient of his. He now treats numerous family members of mine. He's had such a positive impact on the health of my family. I'm incredibly grateful for the care that he offers. The staff at Equilibrium welcoming and friendly. This is by far the best naturopath out there. Thank you Dr. Fisher and Equilibrium Natural Health!

L. N.

What you wish every doctor could be

Dr. Fisher is what you wish every doctor could be: Passionate, engaged, caring, and knowledgeable. He helped treat my acid reflux, for which I rarely have recurrences. Plus, no meds! Dr. Fisher is passionate about personal health---especially using the bodies own tools to get results. I've followed his diet and other recommendations for managing acid reflux, and it's paid off. He's fantastic.

D. A.

I can’t recommend him enough

Today as I sit in the waiting room for my appointment with Dr. Fisher I’m just feeling so grateful!

A friend had mentioned the mental health perks she was feeling after seeing Dr. Fisher and my interest was totally perked! I waited about 9 months to make an appointment and honestly I wasn’t sure what I thought he would help me with but I hadn’t found a Dr. to see regularly so I figured that was good enough! Plus he was still on my mind months after I heard of him :)!

I was so so surprised to learn how much he could help me with processing though old un helpful, what I view as; trapped emotions. When I came to see him the first time I was DESPERATE to feel empowered and was feeling very easily overwhelmed and doubting myself with every other thought. I am so thankful to feel those things shifting within me after these weeks of working with Dr.Fisher!! I can’t recommend him enough! If you are open to the possibility of shifting your old heavy stuff you’ve been carrying around I would highly recommend you check equilibrium out!


If you are considering coming do not even wait...

Not enough words in the world to express how greatful and happy I am by the care I received from Dr. Fisher! Friendly staff cozy and comfortable office. Physically and emotionally he will get you feeling you're absolute best. If you are considering coming do not even wait you will be beyond thankful you went. He gathers lots of information that is beyond helpful in treating you I only wish the entire world knew of him he is a real gem.


He will help you to change your life for the better!

Dr. Fisher is an incredible, well-educated, caring doctor! I've been to many different naturalpaths through the years, and I can say that he is a combination of them all, plus so much more! His method of working with the bodies systems, including emotional buried "stuff", allows for a very healing experience, much deeper and permanent. I am so thankful for him, the wisdom he has, the compassion he has, and the gift of healing he has and shares with all of his patients. I have several friends who are treated by him also, and they are going through tremendous healing! Very exciting! I love and appreciate Natalie and Melissa also! They are always so caring and helpful! I highly recommend everyone to be under the care of Dr. Fisher! He will help you to change your life for the better!


a real gift for getting to the "root" cause

Dr. Fisher is amazing at what he does. He's kind and compassionate with a real gift for getting to the "root" cause of things. He spends the time needed to alleviate any issues you may have. He's definitely not your typical Dr. which is a great thing in my book!


Got to the true cause

Dr Fisher got to the true cause of my kids issues. They are not only healthier but happier as well.

R. S.

To anyone looking to feel better...

Dr. Fisher has been great. We have done Skype many times. We work on emotional freedom therapy and work on my diet and different things I can do to improve my life. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to feel better, lose weight or looking for a better life.

Stay at home Dad

A medical professional who looks at the body as a whole.

It's nice to find a medical professional who looks at the body as a whole. He has helped me understand how my body carries and expresses stress, and how to manage it in medically-based and surprisingly practical ways. Dr. Fisher has an extensive skill set and invests heavily in his continued education. He also has a wonderful bedside manner.

M Y. N. V.


First visit was awesome... VERY friendly and knowledgeable... most comfortable place I’ve been in a long time... HIGHLY RECOMMENDED


He really cares about his patients

Dr Fisher is a true healer. He really cares about his patients reaching a higher level of health and well being. My wife and I both were patients and I would recommend him to anyone. It was surprising to find a Dr we actually loved right here in Silverdale!

M. B.

...has helped to unlock subliminal emotional... issues that have had a direct impact on my health.

Excellent front office. Dr Fisher has helped to unlock subliminal emotional a issues that have had a direct impact on my health. Issues that I have had extensive talk therapy but with little results. I would highly recommend


He's been able to address areas with myself that others cannot.

Dr Fisher has been a colleague and friend now for almost 10 years. His professionalism and skills are top notch, where he's been able to address areas with myself that others cannot. I highly recommend him.

A. S.

I have seen first hand how his expertise can help people

I am a teacher and have recommended Dr. Fisher to several of my students because I have seen first hand how his expertise can help people of all ages improve their health. To be well involves looking at the big picture, and Dr. Fisher knows how to do that.

L. B. C.

Genuine concern for my total well-being

I have been under the care of 3 different naturopaths over the past 22 years. Under each one, my health improved to some extent. But since I have been going to Dr. Fisher for nearly a year, I have been amazed with his knowledge and multiple modes of treatment. Never having experienced Total Body Modification work, I am impressed that it along with other recommended treatments is helping me more. He's always eager to learn more so he can be more effective in helping his patients. I really appreciate his upbeat, friendly manner. His genuine concern for my total well-being really encourages me to do my best to work with him toward even better health.

T. T.

I was living on alieve pain killer...

At the age of 52 I was having a hard time walking. I hesitated going up and down stairs. My sciatica was so bad I iced it in the morning and put heat pads on at night. I was very concerned about My future. I was living on alieve pain killer. Dr. Fisher started working with me. I changed my diet. Received prolotherapy. He reset my body. I also started natural minerals and vitamins he suggested. I am now 61. I feel like 40! I'm back doing every activity that I used to do. It was not easy but with Dr. Fisher's encouragement and lifestyle changes I'm a new woman!

R. H. F. G.

I feel blessed having him guide me through my healing journey.

Dr Fisher is knowledgeable and really shows he cares for his patients health and overall well being. I feel blessed having him guide me through my healing journey.


provided great service

Everyone was very inviting and helpful. They were extremely kind and provided great service


From Anxiety to stomach issues...

Dr. Fischer has helped everyone in my family with different needs to improve their heath. From Anxiety to stomach issues as well as the whole mind body wellness. Great staff.


Gentle, compassionate, effective health care

I've known Dr. Fisher for more than half a decade and can wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone seeking gentle, compassionate, effective health care.

D. P.

I am amazed at how well I feel

I was very skeptical about using a naturopath, but since I am in stage 3 of congestive heart failure (End Stage), I figured why not try it. Can't hurt my condition! Now, I have been seeing Dr. Fisher for 6 weeks and I am amazed at how well I feel and how good I can function. He has removed much of the pain from the other medical procedures I have gone through and provided me with a plan for continued good health and strength.
I still have the same diagnosis as before, but I feel so much better that I truly believe I can beat the odds on this. Thanks for listening to me and teaching me so many coping skills. Bless you.

P. H.

I have never felt more listened to and understood by a doctor before.

I was so happy to find a Naturopath for my health! Dr. Fisher is easy to talk to and great to work with. I have never felt more listened to and understood by a doctor before. I would highly recommend working with him! He is both competent and compassionate. I love his holistic approach and his guidance has been invaluable to helping me achieve my health goals. I have been working with Dr. Fisher for a few years now. He has been amazing and helping me overcome many different elements such as being sick, overly stressed, stomach pain and lower back pain. As I have followed his councils most of my elements have gone completely away. He is truly amazing I would highly recommend him.

P. F.

Hit Your Health From All Aspects

I couldn't be more happy with the results I have from working with Dr. Fisher. He is kind, compassionate, caring, and really listens to what your health issues are, and then proceeds to make a plan to unravel all the dis-ease which has built up in the body. For me I was ecstatic to find a Dr. who delves in not only Western medicine, but incorporates Eastern medicine as well to hit your health from all aspects. Every time I see him some aspect of my life is improved and I will be forever grateful for the time spent personally helping me through my issues, physically, mentally and emotionally.

S. P.

Understanding, efficient, and helpful

Very comfortable office. The ladies at the desk were so friendly. The doctor was very understanding, efficient, and helpful. Would recommend this office to a friend.


To anyone who is concerned about better health...

I have found Dr. Fisher very interested in a person’s health and engages in listening and understanding what you are dealing with or are seeking direction on. Then he advises things for you to take or do. He seeks to use things that work with the body to bring about desired results which I prefer. I would recommend him to anyone who is concerned about better health.

S. M.

wealth of knowledge and whole body approach

Dr Fisher and his staff are very efficient and competent at their jobs. Of greatest value to me has been Dr Fishers wealth of knowledge and whole body approach to helping me heal myself. It has taken a team of doctors to restore my health and I am proud to have Dr Fisher as a part of that team.

P. H.

You will not leave his family office without direction.

I have severe trust issues. Dr Fisher has helped me to not only trust him over the years but has helped me to continue the personal journey of healing. He helped me at one of my lowest points and is still a great motivator. He is non-judgmental and has answers as to what causes a person to do certain things. You will not leave his family office without direction; and not just direction on healthy living and feeding the body, but direction on breaking through fear. The office staff is bubbly, inviting, and competent. The only reason I don't want to share this, is because his potential for helping people is so vast it will be harder to get an appointment. I don't care if he is in Silverdale and I'm in Tacoma. It's well worth the travel.

K. B.

He works over skype as well!

Dr. Fisher is very gifted at what he does. He is able to give your body a total reset temporarily but helps you set a plan that you can choose to follow and stay on to maintain your own health with. He lives by his principles at home and everywhere he goes. He is constantly seeking out new techniques and information that will help him personally and help him professionally. I look forward to every visit with Dr. Fisher. There's always something new he's ready to share with me during each visit. It's never the same...our bodies always need something different! A little tweak here with a dash of emotional release there...with a side of tincture. Its nice to have a therapy/doctor session in one. I would recommend him to everyone (as I always do even while traveling because he works over skype as well!)

K. F. G.

Seeing Dr. Fisher was definitely the right move

I first met Dr. Fisher when I took my son to be seen. I was feeling pretty skeptical. Months later I made an appointment for myself. I was pretty unsure what the next step was for my health, but seeing Dr. Fisher was definitely the right move. He has a strong holistic approach and doesn't just look at your blood work. He also has a terrific "bedside manner" and his office truly is a safe place to begin healing. I cannot sing his praises enough.

A. L. K.

Helped me so much with managing thyroid disease

Dr. Fisher is truly a healer. He honestly cares about each patient and takes the time to listen. He's helped me so much with managing thyroid disease. I recommend him whole heartedly to anyone who is ready to make changes to better his/her health.

K. H.

I would have been on lots of medications.

After having difficulties getting any better with my Hashimoto's and fibromyalgia via other doctors, I had decided to take the leap and give Dr. Fisher a try, and I regret not doing it sooner. I came to him in bad shape, and as soon as I started seeing him I noticed a huge difference not just my physical health, but mental health as well. He covers it all! He has a great bedside manner, and really care about the root cause, and natural solutions to your issues. If it we'rent for him, I would have been on lots of medications. But with his adjustments and supplements, and knowledge about what my body is doing, I was able to get on a great path to healing. Unfortunately I had to move away, and regret not having starting treatment with him way sooner than I did. If you are reading this, and you are unsure of yourself or questioning whether he will help you or not- - DON'T. Just go. Worth the time, and well worth the money. Even if you don't have a chronic illness like I do, I would still recommend you go to him for the best natural care. I doubt I will ever find a doctor as great as him, and if I ever move back to the area, I will be returning! He leaves a lasting impression on you, and even after months of leaving, still use his advice and will always do so! Thank you Dr. Fisher!


"My pain was completely gone and has not returned at all"

One of the most measurable treatments that Dr. Fisher has healed me with is with prolotherapy. I had been suffering from pain in both of my forearms for about a year when I came in to see Dr. Fisher. He was able to determine the cause of my pain and began treating me through nuturopathic manual therapy. It helped and my pain lessened a little, but it did not eliminate my pain. After a few months of treatment he recommended prolotherapy. The treatments were quick and simple and my recovery time was short. Within a week of my first treatment my pain had improved significantly and within a week of my second treatment my pain was completely gone and has not returned at all, even several months later.


Ditch the runaround, this is what true healthcare should be.

Dr Fisher sees me as an individual not a chart of test results. He helped me with energy through my pregnancy and helped me find balance in recovery. Everything he does is to support me in my goals. Hes now even helping my husband on his own journey.

I also have to mention the amazing office staff. Melissa is so welcoming and knowledgeable. They are also kid and military friendly. I love the electronic paperwork, it saves a ton of time and trees. Ditch the runaround, this is what true healthcare should be.


A knowledgeable Dr. I can talk with without feeling judged

I have benefited from seeing a naturopath at Equilibrium Natural Health. Having a knowledgeable Dr. I can talk with, without feeling judged about all aspects of my health, is important to me. The Dr listens and provides valuable protocol to follow. My health has improved and continues to. I love how easy he is to work with and my goals for my health are in good hands. I trust Dr. Fisher, and I don't give that out easily! I recommend working with Equilibrium Natural Health.

J. E. B.

Kind and courteous and all around friendly.

I thought I was in pretty good health, until I had a visit with Dr. Fisher and staff. Now I know that I need to cut out a few things and add a few things. It's such a blessing to know that Dr. Fisher has your best interest in mind and cares about your wellness. Kind and courteous and all around friendly. Thanks for your service. I definitely recommend this clinic for the young and old.

D. G.

One of The Best Naturopaths in the area!

Dr Fisher is one of The Best Naturopaths in the area! I have gone to natural doctors for over 30 years and I appreciate his knowledge and attention to detail. He really listens to you and can help you overcome and get better! Thank you SO much, Dr Fisher!!!


Thoroughness and Experience

I've gone to several naturopathic physicians for over 30 years and I think Dr Fisher is one of the best in this area! His attention to detail, thoroughness and experience have been a tremendous help to me. I really appreciate him listening and addressing different illnesses. Thanks SO MUCH for your professionalism Dr Fisher!!!

S. D.

The first doctor (in twenty years) to identify the root cause of my medical conditions.

I started seeing Dr. Fisher over 2 1/2 years ago. I had many challenges. We have made tremendous progress even after a setback (terrible car accident). Dr. Fisher is truly one of the best medical professionals I have ever seen. Dr. Fisher is the first doctor (in twenty years) to identify the root cause of my medical condition(s). I am 47 years old and feel better than I have in 15 years.

N. R.

The best part was that he took his time.

Seeing Dr. Fisher was a pleasant experience. He helped me understand how my body carries and expresses stress. His in-office treatment was helpful, and he had a wonderful selection of herbs and supplements to choose from. The best part was that he took his time and has a wonderful bedside manner.


Able to put his patients at ease.

It’s amazing to see what emotions we carry with us for life! Dr. Fisher helped me work through a lot of my harbored childhood emotions. In fact, I realized I was still mad at my brother for eating my Chinese food back in high school! I can only imagine if I had real trauma what I would be holding onto as an adult. Dr. Fisher is highly gifted. He is able to put his patients at ease and allow them to go through the process in the way they each need to. I [currently] refer anyone and everyone to him who I can; even though we’re all long-distance, it all still works out just fine.

K. F. G.

Dr. Fisher is a compassionate Doctor who listens to your concerns and has a very comprehensive approach to helping you regain your health. My whole whole family sees Dr. Fisher and he is our primary care physician. Thank you Dr. Fisher for all the help you have given us.

Dr. Smart of Sound Energy Healing

Dr. Fisher gave me my life back!

I had a wonderful experience! Dr. Fisher is so in-time to what I needed. I wasn’t sure if my back would ever be the same! It took time, and patience on my part, plus a change of diet. I’m going to be 64 this month and feel stronger and healthier than when I was 50!
Dr. Fisher gave me my life back!


Seriously, you hit the jackpot.

Kind, caring, super smart and highly skilled. Seriously you hit the jackpot if you're looking for a naturopathic approach to your health. Dr. Cy Fisher is a gem of a doctor. You will feel both taken care of and empowered as a patient of Dr. Fisher. He truly understands what it takes to heal and is very committed to his patients well-being. I am very pleased with the work we have done for my wellness and was impressed at how quickly the tools he uses in his practice can create positive change. If you don't live near the clinic in Silverdale the Skype options are available to you - which is such a bonus these days! Highly recommend Equilibrium Natural Health and Dr. Fisher to anyone ready to take any aspect of their health to the next level.

N. M.

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