Emotional Wellness Therapies

The Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

Emotional Freedom Technique utilizes different points on the body to relieve your body of negative emotions and find a better balance. EFT is a fast and effective technology to help move you forward in your health. We have used this technique in clinic for many years to help people move through hard situations but it is also great for simple things phobias like being afraid of spiders. emofree.com is great place to find additional information on EFT or we can show you in the office how to it do for yourself. Many times it is helpful to have an experienced practitioner to help with any of the deeper emotions that need to be supported. EFT is best utilized on a daily basis for simple stress reduction.

The Neuro-Emotional Technique (NET)

The NET procedure allows the body to move past and relieve the effects of stress. It can be used for a variety of conditions, physical pain or emotional unease. This procedure itself doesn't cure the condition, rather, it helps remove the blocks in the body that keep it from healing naturally. We frequently use this technique with our patients to help them be better equipped to handle stress. This technique goes along with our method of using the body's innate healing abilities by removing the things that keep the body from using those abilities to it's fullest. 

Meditation Techniques

We help patients practice checking in with themselves through simple meditation techniques. Checking in with yourself periodically through these methods builds your self-awareness. Self-awareness is an important skill to build on the road of healing. It allows a person to make changes in their health practices and lifestyle that they need to have better health. It also helps a person to honor their emotions and the way they feel. Watch the video to the left, "Checking in through simple meditation" to get more information. 

How We Use Emotional Therapies

We practice these various techniques with our patients, depending on their needs, in order to help them overcome emotional barriers in their life. From evaluating the three aspects of health in our person's life, physical, biochemical, and mental/emotional, we practice these techniques to strengthen and support patients in on the mental/emotional side which often has positive effects on their other aspects of health.  

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