Herbal/ Botanical Medicine

What is Botanical Medicine?

Herbal/ botanical medicine is a branch of medicine that applies the extracts from plants and herbs to a variety of health symptoms. These extracts may come in the form of oils, tablets, or tinctures. They may be taken orally or applied to the skin. Plants and herbs can have very beneficial in alleviating a large array symptoms. For example, curcumin, found in turmeric which is used in curry, has a natural ant-inflammatory effect on the body. This can help reduce the effects of a number of conditions such as digestive inflammation. Many of these extracts are much safer and have far fewer side effects (if any) than other traditional manufactured medications. Natural supplements like these should never be taken along with prescribed medication unless directed by your doctor. Professional quality supplements are important in getting the greatest benefit. We provide patients with the best of natural supplements in our office.

What Can Botanical Medicine Help Treat?

Botanical/ herbal supplements act as a gentle support to the condition and aren't usually fast acting. However, because they are so numerous and versatile, they can be applied to an enormous variety of conditions or symptoms.

  • - digestive disorders or inflammation
  • - trouble sleeping/ insomnia
  • - fatigue
  • - hormone imbalance
  • - joint degeneration/ injury
  • - stress
  • - immune imbalance
  • - ...and others. 

How We Use it in Our Clinic

Nature provides many natural ways of addressing health conditions. At Equilibrium we are always using natural supplements in meeting the needs of our patients. We want to address the both the symptom and the cause of our patients and we use natural supplements heavily in that process. They are most often used in conjunction with other therapies and practices appointed to the patient to support their healing. For example, we may be helping a patient recover from the effects of a car accident. They may be seeing a chiropractor or being receiving chiropractic adjustments in our office. To accelerate natural healing we may also prescribe the patient a supplement that strengthens and support the body's joints. We provide patients with the supplement they need as they leave from their appointment. More about picking up supplements in our office. 

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