Spine and Muscle Therapies

Spinal/ Joint Naturopathic Manual Therapy

We provide naturopathic manual therapy in the office. Therapy serves to restore proper structure to the body. Naturopathic manual therapy can be effective in relieving back pain, pinched nerve pain, headaches, and muscle weakness in the body. 

Total Body Modification (TBM)

Total body modification tests systems in the body associated with different points on the body's surface. Total Body Modification (TBM) is a comprehensive system of alternative healing – unparalleled in scope, effectiveness and efficiency – which restores the body’s self-regulation by working through the autonomic nervous system. TBM rapidly restores function-specific and global energetic harmony to the human body resulting in changes in a patient’s state of health. Think of it as a specialized program that fixes program errors in a computer, only the computer is your body. Your body is a powerful and intricate system designed to perform various needed tasks. However, just as all computers encounter software errors from time to time that limit their functioning, the same is true of the human body. Total Body Modification is how we fix those errors and accelerate the rate of healing in the body.

PRP Prolotherapy (Regenerative Therapy)

PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) Prolotherapy is a regenerative injection therapy for healing pain. This simple procedure starts with a quick blood draw. Then, the healing parts of your blood, the platelets, are extracted from the sample and mixed with a solution of dextrose which together will promote inflammation for quick repair. lidocain is also added which will serve to numb the targeted area. The platelet-dextrose-lidocain solution is placed at the beginning and ending of the tendons and ligaments that have become stretched or injured which is the source of the pain. The injection promotes the growth of newer and stronger tissues. It does so by initiating heightened blood flow, pulling nutrition and repearative cells to the the site of pain to rebuild and tighten the tissues. As the tissues tighten and become more stable, the pain is alleviated and the stability is restored to the area. PRP Prolotherapy is a great compliment to, and is often used in conjunction with, other pain relief methods such as, chiropractic care, physical therapy - of which we have phenomenal community health partners to refer you - or even a necessary surgery.

When you have pain in your body it's usually due to ligaments and/or tendons which have stretched like a rubber band pulled beyond it's capacity. This stretching causes laxity, which causes pain at the site and other supportive tissues. If your body does not heal or tighten these tissues after the initial cause of laxity, pain becomes chronic. PRP Prolotherapy is what causes these tissues to tighten and repair naturally. ​Learn more about how PRP Prolotherpay can help you relieve pain!

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If you're not sure yet you may schedule a free 30-minute discovery session with Dr. Fisher to explore available treatments and how they can help. We also have a free online guide for back pain available for you. In this guide you'll learn about natural supplements that may also prove helpful in reducing other joint pain. 

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