Customized Natural Solutions to Your Symptoms

Done with side effects and one-size fits all approach of traditional medicine?

We're a great fit if...

You Want to Get Well

Our comprehensive treatments bring you the quickest results possible while also seeking to ensure for them optimal health and wellness for the long-term!

"I have been seeing Dr. Fisher for 6 weeks and I am amazed at how well I feel and how good I can function. He has removed much of the pain from the other medical procedures I have gone through and provided me with a plan for continued good health and strength. . . I truly believe I can beat the odds on this."

- P.H.

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You Want Customized Holistic Care

Healthcare isn't a 'one-size-fits-all'. Meeting with you, we look at all aspects of your health. From there, we seek to identify the root-cause of your symptoms and create a personalized health plan for your most effective care.

"I couldn't be more happy with the results I have from working with Dr. Fisher. He is kind, compassionate, caring, and really listens to what your health issues are, and then proceeds to make a plan to unravel all the dis-ease which has built up in the body. For me I was ecstatic to find a Dr. who delves in not only Western medicine, but incorporates Eastern medicine as well to hit your health from all aspects."

- S.P.

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You're Ready For Quality Natural Healthcare

We practice natural treatments which vitalize the body's innate ability to heal while also providing the best resources to do it. Natural medicine cuts out many negative side effects that can come from medications or surgery.

"At the age of 52 I was having a hard time walking. . . My sciatica was so bad I iced it in the morning and put heat pads on at night. I was very concerned about My future. I was living on alieve pain killer. Dr. Fisher started working with me. I changed my diet. Received prolotherapy. He reset my body. . . I am now 61. I feel like 40! I'm back doing every activity that I used to do.

- R.H.F.G.

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Meet Dr. Fisher, ND

Dr. Cy Fisher is a naturopathic doctor specializing in wholistic mental health. He is passionate about helping individuals reach better health by empowering them with skills and knowledge to take an active role in their own healing. He received his doctorate degree from the National College of Natural Medicine.

We're Proud to Be Your
Health Partners!

We're Proud to Be Your Health Partners!

We love and care about all our patients at Equilibrium. We make respect and warmth an integral part of all we do.

We're Ready to Partner With
You for Better Health!

We're Ready to Partner With You for Better Health!

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