New Patients

Understanding the Urine and Saliva (Metabolic) Test

Lesson 5 Chapter 1

The video above is also featured in step 5 in your “First Visit Roadmap”. Please take time before your first appointment to review and follow the simple instructions in this video.

The silva test measures the status of the liver/gallbladder function and gives us a real time picture of over or under functioning. The saliva also gives a window into the immune system.

The urine sample measures the digestive capacity of the body and is a sensitive test for general inflammation that will give us further insight as to what to ask during your visit.

Together these tests help us to determine your metabolic type. This information is critical in order for us to determine for you a customized food plan. There are other characteristics determined from these results that give us greater insights into how your body behaves and what treatments will be most effective for you personally.

We hope that a little background on this test has been beneficial for you. If you find you have any questions concerning the test please call our office at (360) 698-4141.

Congratulations on completing this first part of patient education! Our hope for you with this short course is that you will be inspired and trained to begin to look for the things in your life that could hinder your health. As we said before, we want to empower you to make educated decisions in your own life and in the life of your family concerning health and wellness. We want to remove the negative symptoms you’ve been experiencing. Additionally, we want to partner with you as a patient and work together with you in creating a plan to bring you to a greater state of health.

We’ll see you soon!

(Last Updated On: June 28, 2019)