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Are you dealing with a food intolerance? Food allergies and sensitivities are triggered by the immune system's response to a specific food substance. Food allergies can have serious symptoms and in some cases can lead to death. More common symptoms are flushing or rashes on the skin, asthma, hives, and nausea or vomiting. However, many people live with food sensitivities and don't even know it. Some symptoms may occur weeks later. While there is no known cure for food allergies, there are natural ways of strengthening the body's immune system and minimizing allergic symptoms. 

Naturally Help Food Allergies

With proper diet and lifestyle changes you can reduce the effects of food allergies. We work with patients on a diet that is suitable to them that will allow their digestive system to function with less heavy reactions. Something we help patients with in our clinic is food sensitivity tests, helping them identify foods that cause digestive inflammation and other reactions dramatic or subtle. When patients learn to avoid certain foods that cause these reactions many of their symptoms are relieved. Call our clinic at (360) 698-4141 to schedule an appointment.

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