Understanding the Causes

We all experience feelings of sadness and loss. These are a part of normal life and experience. However, when someone experiences prolonged feelings of deep sadness, hopelessness and/or anger they may be depressed. Depression can be caused by an unhealthy diet and toxins in the body, a hormonal imbalance, excessive stress or environmental factors such as lack of sunlight. High prolonged stress or bottled emotions may also lead to depression. Meeting with a trained healthcare professional is best to identify and address possible underlying causes. Learn more about depression and causes.

Our Treatment Options

Depression is a real medical condition that should be properly treated. While it should be a last resort, medication at certain times is an appropriate tool and should be used only when prescribed by a certified medical professional. However there are many natural and practical ways to address depression.

With all health conditions we work to identify the underlying cause of the problem and offer effective customized treatments. When helping patients with this health challenge we evaluate all aspects of their health, physical, mental/ emotional, and biochemical (diet), to identify contributors. We'll advise patients on clean eating habits, proper exercise, stress relief techniques and good sleep each night to ensure everyday health needs are being met.

We counsel our patients to 'check in' with themselves on a regular basis. The featured video explains how to do this.

We also practice the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) with our patients. This technique is a practical way for letting go of negative emotions in the body. EFT is a fast and effective technology to help patients move past emotional barriers. We have used this technique in clinic for many years to help people move through hard stress situations. It's also effective for phobias like being afraid of spiders. We can show you in the office how to it do for yourself. Many times it is helpful to have an experienced practitioner to help with any of the deeper emotions that need to be supported. EFT is best utilized on a daily basis for simple stress reduction. is a great place to find additional information. Additionally we may refer patients to a professional counselor if needed. Want to learn more about effective natural treatments for depression?

Schedule to Meet With Us

We'll partner with you to create a plan to get you back to health. Natural medicine is a practical and effective way to address depression without medication.

If you're not sure yet you may schedule a free 30-minute discovery session with Dr. Fisher to explore available treatments and how they can help.

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