What is Depression?

We all experience feelings of sadness and loss. These are a part of normal life and experience. However, when someone experiences prolonged feelings of deep sadness or hopelessness, these are symptoms of depression. There are numerous ways to manage these symptoms, and more serious conditions may require professional counseling. However, there are also certain factors that contribute to these feelings that we can eliminate or minimize. Depression, and other similar ailments, are often caused by underlying stressors on the body. Our responsibility isn't get away from all these stressors, but learn and practice techniques to manage these stressors and symptoms. Learn more about holistic therapies for Depression.


Depression is a very real medical condition and is treatable like many other conditions. Meeting with a professional counselor can aid patients greatly in talking about concerns and learning techniques to manage symptoms. Medication in certain conditions is a helpful resource and should be used only when prescribed by a medical professional. At Equilibrium we practice the emotional freedom technique with patients and train them in simple ways of getting to the root of their symptoms. We understand that every patient is different and we offer customized care for the individual based on their needs. Learn more about our emotional therapies.

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