Fatigue can be caused by numerous factors in the body and in the environment. It can be the result of a number of deficiencies such as lack of sleep, dehydration, poor diet, or harmful substances in your environment. Fatigue is often the repercussions from another condition on your body. The range of causes is great so we evaluate your health and symptoms as whole to get to the cause of your fatigue.  

The Triangle of Health

In order to get to the root of your condition in a holistic manner we look at three aspects of your health to help determine the cause(s). One side of that is your mental/ emotional condition, the second is your chemical/nutritional condition, and the third is your physical/structural condition. These three aspects of your health are related and affect one another. Your symptoms could be caused by deficiencies in any of these areas. You can ask yourself if you're doing something to support yourself in each of these areas such as exercising, eating well, or relieving stress.

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