Equilibrium's Cash Clinic

We're Making Integrative Healthcare Affordable for Everyone!

In an effort to fulfill our mission to bring natural wellness to the community and to the world, we are offering special discounted care for those who would normally be unable to afford it on the last Wednesday of each month. We are offering a couple of options:

These services will avail patients a 15 minute appointment to receive quality and naturalistic health care they need.


  • That you pay with cash only. Cash will be the only accepted form of payment for services and products. This keeps costs down for us to be able to deliver our services.
  • That you kindly pass out 3 business cards to spread the word so others can learn about Naturopathy and this great offer!
  • That you provide proof of your government benefits at the time of service.

Please call our office for times and appointment scheduling as this service will only last for 2 hours on the last Wednesday of each month. Our first session will be held on Wednesday, July 25th!

*Please note that supplements are not included in the free or $50 cost. We only prescribe 1-2 supplements per appointment, ranging from $10-$40. Injectable nutrients or lab testing are also not included.

Interested in our services but unfamiliar with naturopathic medicine and how it works?

We want to build the wellness and awareness of the community!

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