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Heard of acupuncture treatment and wondering how it could help you? When we innervate the nervous system, it sends signals to the hypothalamus and immune system for the body to heal itself.

We all get down from time to time but depression can be more serious. With the effects of naturopathy we'll help you get on the road to better mental health.

How can naturopathy help you? We'll help you regain vitality by balancing your immune system naturally. We look for the root cause of your dysfunction to begin with.

Menopause Hormone Balance

Menopause hormonal shifts can be uncomfortable.
With naturopathic solutions we'll help you manage your symptoms.

Sleep/ Insomnia

There are many things that can make it difficult to sleep. We'll give you resources for you to get the best sleep you can.

Weight Management

Are you ready to change for the better? Are you ready to shed a few pounds? Learn about Equilibrium's medically supervised weight loss programs.

Various stressors that we all face can cause anxiety. We'll teach you different tools we use to manage the symptoms of anxiousness.

Dealing with digestive problems? We offer you customized diet and lifestyle protocols that will have your digestive tract feeling much better in no time.

Hormone Balance

Hormone imbalance can leave you feeling irritable and tired. With naturopathy we'll help you balance your hormones naturally.

In many cases, surgery is not necessary. Prolotherapy is a wonderful alternative to surgery for any joint pain. Heal your body naturally with prolotherapy.

Stress Management

There are various stressors that we all face day-to-day. We'll give you different tools to be able to manage it and relieve it.

Type 2 Diabetes

Natural solutions for managing type 2 Diabetes.

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