Wellness Plans

Plans vary as our care is customized. Plans are described per individual upon the second visit, also called the Report of Findings. ​

Additionally, supplements and other remedies are adjusted about every 3-6 weeks to maintain progress in healing. Once strength is reached, a maintenance protocol will be established.

Wellness Partnerships

We love partnering with patients who are dedicated to making health and wellness a deliberate priority in their lives and who commit to being better everyday. Please recognize we do not expect perfection from our patients, only a willingness and commitment to do the work which is required to reach their health goals. ​​​

Wellness Duration

The majority of patients see positive results almost immediately. However, it should be remembered that natural healing takes a deliberate investment of a patient’s time and a doctor’s resources to reach health goals. With that said, our request to patients is a three month commitment at minimum, with the anticipation of more concentrated time should it be necessary. For the more chronic cases, patients can expect a partnership of two to five years.

So what are your needs? We'll help you create a wellness plan customized to you and your health goals.