Prolotherapy | Shoulder Pain 

Natural Shoulder Pain Relief

In many cases, surgery is not necessary. Prolotherapy is a wonderful alternative to surgery for any joint pain. Heal your body naturally with prolotherapy today – Come down to the office for an evaluation to get started on your healing journey!

What is Prolotherapy?

Dextrose and a customized solution of other inflammatory agents like Vitamin B12, procaine, lidocaine, arachidonic acid which are locally injected at the site of pain.

How Does it Work?

Prolotherapy uses the body’s innate healing ability to target an area of the body using its own immune mechanisms to “bring in the troops” to repair ligaments and tendinous joints. It is used to target inflammation in the are of the body that needs to be regenerated.

How Soon Will I Feel Results?

​Therapy usually takes about 6 weeks with monthly treatments. Sometimes, however, clinically we see patients get better sooner with a customized diet and lifestyle program which we offer in conjunction with prolotherapy.

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