April 28

Detox and Weight Loss!


Wow, what visceral invoking responses we get when we think of weight loss.

Weight loss is a difficult subject because so many people have been through so many kinds of fad diets and have lost and gained weight right back .  Here in our office we provide metabolic specific diets that fit who you are as a person that will help you lose weight naturally through simple balancing of the body with proper nutrition and eating for your type.

If getting back to the basics of eating for your metabolism does not provide the weight loss you need and desire than its important to check for other imbalances that may be causing you some problems for example hormone imbalance and need for detoxification.

There are many forms of detox available but we start with diet first and than work with specific high grade profession supplements or 10/30 day detox kits when it is right for the individual. It is important to note that if your body is not ready for a detox than there is a good chance you will doing more harm than good.  So come in today and see if your body is ready to lose weight and detox today.


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