January 11

Attachment, Stress, and Anxiety


How to Stress and Anxiety relate to attachment you ask? First we need to discuss what is attachment? Attachment is a theory that as children we have attachment to to caregivers that we need to feel safe, validated, unconditionally loved and emotionally connected meaning they are emotionally available to connect with us. Sue Johnson discusses this as an adult in her book ‘love sense’. It’s important to have a secure emotional attachment as it’s referred to for emotional healing to happen and to reach our highest potential for health. There are two other main forms of attachment as adults. + anxious attachment is one where the partner is hot and cold with their interactions and constantly need to be reassured that the other partner still loves them needs them yours then and is going to provide a space for them to feel safe. Avoidant attachment is the last adult type attachment where the adult has a hard time reaching for the partner and connecting on an emotional level. It is easier for them to not connect or Reach Out emotionally at all often times going to the extremes 2 disconnect emotionally to avoid the pain of feeling their emotions. Understanding the main type of attachment with your partner will help assist you in a healing process that will allow you to be more whole and feel more safe feeling your emotions both positive and negative for a happier healthier life. As you become more secure in your attachment you’re more able to help those around you. the next article will discuss childhood attachment and the four most common types that are used in Psychology today.


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