An example of how it works

An example that we like to use when trying to explain what we do during these fast track visits  includes the visual of a house with only half of the lights on because the circuit breakers have been tripped. When we do energy work, we focus on energetically switching any switches in the body that have been flipped off by flipping the circuit breaker back on and seeing if the lights turn back on, and stay on continuously. If some of the lights turn back off, we go to that pesky room specifically and see what is causing that circuit to blow out continuously. Therefore, in this example, we ‘unplug’ the things that are causing the body to overload and start working on what we can do to keep that circuit on and running. When we get used to all the lights in the house working, it is much easier to see what specific area is a problem if the lights do happen to go back out again.
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