Understanding Your Discovery Session

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Greetings! We're glad to welcome you to Equilibrium Natural Health. We are deeply excited to get started.

We are always striving to be transparent and help people by providing as much value as we can to those seeking to get well and stay well. We often leverage technology to do this. The use of technology —such as this course and survey— allows us to help our patients get the most out of their care.

Part 1 - Intro Course

Part one of the Discovery Session consists of this Course, which is independently completed by you. The content is broken into lessons that cover our general clinic philosophy and how we address patient health struggles. At the end, there is a brief survey where you can share any specific questions or concerns with us and you will attest that you have covered the required lessons. Filling out the survey and attestation ensures we understand your specific needs, notifies us of your completion, and promotes success during part two of the Discovery Session. Please understand that without the completed survey and attestation we will be lacking foundational understanding and, therefore, part two will be rescheduled until part one can be completed. We are notified as soon as you have completed part one. If you experience any trouble viewing these lessons, please call our front desk.

Part 2 - Meet with Dr. Fisher

Part two of the Discovery Session consists of our follow-up conversation, which we will conduct either over the phone or in-person based on your preference at time of scheduling. During this conversation we will explore together if my treatment methods and techniques match the direction you wish to go with your health. I look forward to answering all of your most pressing questions. Please know that there will be no diagnosis or treatment during part two. Rather, it is strictly your opportunity to ask your questions and determine if my answers provide you with assurance I have something to offer you.

I'm excited to guide you through part one in the next lessons!

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