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Hello and Welcome!

Thanks for joining us in your healing journey. We are so honored you are choosing Equilibrium Natural Health. We know you have many options available to you. 

This short video is to help you become more acquainted with the philosophy of natural medicine, our clinic experience, and what you can expect in a typical treatment plan. After reviewing this video, we will take some time together during our phone call to answer your specific questions and provide time for you to describe the desires you have for your health.

The point of today's discussion is to determine why you came here today and if we have solutions that will be a good fit for you: you like most people may be seeking us out because of symptoms you are afraid might get worse and or you want to avoid drugs or surgery - or maybe because you are looking to increase and improve your health. It is important to understand where you sit on the path of your health journey, so we can determine together which solution best fits your needs, and if we are a good fit. The final direction we go will be determined by what we find in your new patient exam and what you share with us in your intake paperwork. So to get an understanding of how we may best work together we need to understand a few items.

One of the first questions that are important to understand is what stage of symptoms are you in: Is your situation acute or is your situation chronic?

Allow me to elaborate. If your situation is acute, it usually means that you are in the middle of an ailment which started recently, like a headache you woke up with this morning. A chronic picture would mean that you have had migraines that continue to happen to lead to the loss of full functionality. In this acute case, we would need a band-aid to bring you to a level of adequate functionality while we work together to find the root cause of why you arrived to your acute level of health in the first place. We use the information gathered in a new patient exam to figure out what is the best course of action allowing you to have your symptoms reduced while working on the underlying cause that gave you the symptoms in the first place.

Health Myths & Facts

Next, we need to address some common myths and provide a couple of facts about health: 

Myth #1: You may think just because your condition runs in your family, that you are doomed to get it and live with it your entire life. 

This is false, as genetics only play a role in about 5-20% of dysfunction. It’s actually environmental factors that play a primary role in a person’s health. I am going to use an extreme example of a gun, that has been sitting on a picnic table in the middle of the desert for the last thousand years - the gun being the genetics in the scenario. If no one is around the gun it will most likely never go off. However, if you gather tons of people around the gun (the people being environmental factors), there is a high chance someone will mess with it and it will fire. So, the environment around your genes (aka the gun) increases your chances of wellness or disease.

Myth #2: “The only options I have available to me are drugs or surgery to reduce my symptoms.”

This is also false as Natural or holistic options are prevalent. I’ll explain the difference between Western and Natural medicine in a moment but I am going to share a few facts before I do.

Fact #1: More than 80% of health issues start as emotions that haven’t been properly processed.

Fact #2: The body tends to have the ability to repair itself when it is exposed to the proper environment and when it is provided with enough time, adequate resources, and when we get out of our own way.

Understanding some basic myths and facts, such as these, are helpful to be able to, in turn, understand the differences between Western and Natural Medicine. Western medicine philosophy is set up for acute or trauma care using drugs and surgery under extreme situations to reduce symptoms. Examples of this would be during a heart attack or after breaking your leg. Obviously, these would be appropriate reasons to use symptom reducers like pharmaceutical drugs which, essentially, “covers up” the symptoms so you don’t die or, so you don’t feel extreme pain. However, these quick fixes often neglect to address the root cause of the issue. Natural Medicine, on the other hand, while we still may use some of the acute care remedies to keep you alive, we seek to identify the root cause of why you had a heart attack in the first place. Under the care of a natural health care professional, we will often use natural remedies which work just as effectively with fewer side effects than pharmaceutical drugs and some surgeries. So, integrating both Western and Natural medicines provide you with the best well-rounded care.

The Triangle of Health

Our next topic will help you understand how we use our whole-body approach, or the Triangle of Health as we refer to it in our clinic. The Triangle of Health consists of three main areas of our lives: Physical, Mental/Emotional, and Biochemical. When even one area is out of balance, the result is dysfunction. When we experience more difficult issues or diseases, it is because more than one side of the triangle has been affected. Because of this, some people don't get better as fast as others, or they don’t get better at all - despite having quality care from a practitioner who focuses on one side of the triangle solely. At Equilibrium Natural Health we work tirelessly to look at you as a whole person so we can address all sides of the triangle to help you reach optimal health and wellness. We integrate the triangle of health during the new patient exam to best understand how to serve you. 

Now to describe the triangle of health in more detail We will start with the physical component of the triangle. We will start with the example of a car accident or structural trauma to your body. In this case, you may need to be supported by spinal manipulations, massage therapy, chiropractic care, or physical therapy - of which we have phenomenal community health partnerships to refer you to (if we don’t offer them in the office). 

The mental/emotional component may stem from the emotional duress of the accident scenario explained above, from other past trauma, or from current emotional trauma - all of which will look different for you than for me, or the next patient. We specialize in several customizable mental and emotional therapies to bring you back to a fully functional state of mental health. Clinically we have found that coupling these therapies with talk or other psychotherapy is most beneficial. Thus we have also built solid mental health partnerships to refer you to.

The biochemical component includes the environment you live in and your possible exposure to heavy metals, chemicals, other environmental factors; the foods you eat; the way you digest (or don't digest); your body’s elimination function; your brain chemistry; your immune system; and your hormone function.

So, that concludes the philosophy piece of our video. I hope I have offered adequate information. Please make sure that you ask any questions you may still have during the second half of today.

About Me- Dr. Fisher

Moving on, another reason you are here is to learn a little more about our clinic and my experience to determine if I’m the right fit for you to partner with your health. A little about me: I received a Bachelor's degree in biology before attending medical school. I attended a 4-year medical school similar to traditional medicine where the first 2 years are basic sciences. The last 2 years of med school were focused on primary care, starting with hands-on rotations in a clinical setting starting in my third year. I spent 2 years on a specialty mentor shift during which I worked with SIBO, or small intestinal bacterial overgrowth, which is a specialty digestive issue. I also spent 2 years working with different modalities supporting people with traumatic brain injury. I spent my first few years of practice working for a brilliant doctor who focused on nutrition and herbs, after which I purchased this practice in 2017, where I currently reside with my wife and three children.

Treatment Plans

Treatment plans based on a holistic approach look considerably different than traditional medicine. Most people are used to the acute remedies offered through the traditional medical model (like we discussed earlier) which, while they do provide results to spare one from immediate surgery or relief, often do not provide long-term elimination of the problem. The time required through the whole body, natural approach may be a new concept to some people but it does provide the best results.

Typically it takes one to three months to resolve most major symptoms with tx after your exam helps us determine what will help you the most. Sometimes for more resistant chronic symptoms, it will take regular visits up to six or nine months for acute symptoms to resolve. Once the symptoms are relieved, and the body is in a place of healing then all the energy can go to fixing the systems that have come offline which may take many years of working together. Once a person has received the level of healing that is desired, most are transitioned into a wellness program that consists of in-person visits two to four times a year to continue the deep healing processes. Regular maintenance of health and wellness will help avoid illness and the need for medication and surgery in most cases.

With all that said, you’re probably wondering what information I use to determine the proper customized treatment plan for your body. So now I’ll move on to the logistical side of things. All intake documents, the results of the required in-clinic metabolic testing, and other labs we may order are all important tools that paint a whole picture of what’s happening with you. These tools help me provide accurate advice based on your individual biochemistry and other factors. It is important to understand that filling out the forms will take you longer than if you went in for only a symptoms reduction picture as we will need to look at all aspects of your health - that’s the Triangle of Health piece. Should you decide to move forward in a partnership with me to reach your health goals, please do your best to give thorough answers to the questions on the documents so that we can give you the best care possible.

You Are Worth the Investment

We live in a toxic world and it is important to understand that to be healthy requires an investment of time and resources to stay well and stay off of medications. Here are a couple of questions to ask yourself:
When was the last time you spent money on your car to make sure it stayed up and running?
Do you make yourself a priority and look at your health as an investment in your future life freedom and enjoyment? What do you need in order for you to get well?

Investing in your health increases your chances of having health freedom as you age. If you continue on the path that you are going most people are going to get worse before better. Start today on your healing journey by setting yourself up with an exam to determine what you need to get well. We hope you have enjoyed this video and hope that you understand this was made to help you become more empowered to make better choices on your own that will increase your quality of life. The next step is to determine if we have a good solution for you and for that we need to have an in-office exam. We will be answering any additional questions that you have during our in-person meeting. I look forward to meeting you. 

To complete this lesson, watch the video. Then, take some time to read the patient stories below. Be sure to mark this lesson complete and continue to the next lesson. 

"The staff here at ENH have done a phenomenal job helping me to stabilize my health and live more fully and happily. I highly recommend them. Dr. Fisher's approach to emotional and physical health is both unique and life-changing"

K. Barrett  // Google Review

Dr Fisher, I want you to know that I am so grateful for your manner of care. You have never, ever belittled any concern I've had regarding my health. It is so common for care providers to belittle a patient if they themselves don't understand. You have always supported my own understanding and often have cleared the muck of emotions or other noise that gets in the way of that understanding. I am not trusting of most care providers. I know I may not be an easy patient because I have to understand everything before I can get behind it. THANK YOU FOR YOUR PATIENCE. Thank you for being a teacher and a supporter of my equilibrium!

S. Folk // Google Review

I have been dealing with digestive issues for over 20 years which has lead to many other health issues. I felt alone and discouraged. I felt that I was misunderstood by many and a solution was just not possible. It is AMAZING to have someone actually listen and understand at a time when you feel hopeless. Dr. Fisher and his staff are extremely professional and focus on YOUR health at YOUR pace. The small changes we have made have already had a huge impact.

T. Meikle  // Google Review

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