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What Our Customers Are Saying

K. Barrett - Google

The staff here at ENH have done a phenomenal job helping me to stabilize my health and live more fully and happily. I highly recommend them. Dr. Fisher's approach to emotional and physical health is both unique and life-changing

S. Folk - Google

Dr Fisher, I want you to know that I am so grateful for your manner of care. You have never, ever belittled any concern I've had regarding my health. It is so common for care providers to belittle a patient if they themselves don't understand. You have always supported my own understanding and often have cleared the muck of emotions or other noise that gets in the way if that understanding. I am not trusting of most care providers, lol. I know I may not be an easy patient bc I have to understand everything before I can get behind it, THANK YOU FOR YOUR PATIENCE. Thank you for being a teacher and a supporter of my equilibrium!

T. Meikle - Google

I have been dealing with digestive issues for over 20 years which has lead to many other health issues. I felt alone and discouraged. I felt that I was misunderstood by many and a solution was just not possible. It is AMAZING to have someone actually listen and understand at a time when you feel hopeless. Dr. Fisher and his staff are extremely professional and focus on YOUR health at YOUR pace. The small changes we have made have already had a huge impact.