Migraine Headaches

Migraines are severe headaches that often effect one particular part of the head. Migraines can be accompanied by physical symptoms such as nausea or issues in vision. Some symptoms occur before the migraines comes on such as issues in vision which are called aura. Causes for migraines and headaches are not fully understood but genetics an factors in a person's environment play a part. It could be a food sensitivity, hormone imbalance, lack of sleep, or stress.

Treating the Cause and Symptom

In severe cases special prescribed pain medications by your doctor can be very helpful in reducing and managing frequent headaches or migraines. We want to get to the root cause of your symptoms by looking at three factors One side of that is your mental/ emotional condition, the second is your chemical/nutritional condition, and the third is your physical/structural condition. These three aspects of your health are related and affect one another. Your symptoms could be caused by deficiencies in any of these areas. 

Sphenocath Treatments - A Natural Alternative

The main nerve involoved in headaches and migraines is called the Sphenopalatine Ganglion. A sphenocath treatment applies a numbing agent to this nerve bunch and is proven to be very effective in relieving pain from headaches and migraines. Learn more about the sphenocath treatment.

More resources on migraines and headaches

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