Woman's Guide on How to Start "Overcoming Mood Swings Now" - A 30 Day Guide For Woman struggling with mental health needs

3 Modules 7 Chapters 21 Lessons Easy

About this course:

Get back to “Doing what you love without mood swings “

Find balance from your mood swings. Simple step by step guide to find mental health and happiness. Learning how to increase your desire to connect more with yourself and with others.

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Course Structure

2 Chapters

Module 1. Mood Swings

Here we will discuss the basic idea behind natural medicine and how it is different from the traditional route.  How can you utilize both traditional and alternative medicine to get your best response. 

Getting started 3 Lessons

Introduction and Goal statement

Help on your healing journey with mood swings. Follow our simple step by step guide to move in the direction of long term mental stability with peace and joy. 

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How to use this course

What you will be getting out of this course and how to use it. 

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Our helping hands to help you succeed

Use our automated system with interaction with us to help you follow through with this course and find success. 

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Details about mood swings 4 Lessons

Traditional vs. Natural options. Which is better for mood swings?

Traditional medicine has a lot to offer for acute situations but is it what you are looking for? Natural solutions do exist but sometimes take a little more work to find the source of the issue. Are you ready to put in the effort to fix the issue?

How do I know where my mood swings come from?

Using the triangle of health to know where your mood swings are coming from.

Chronic , Acute or Both

How do you know if your symptoms are truly short term or if they have been a problem for longer than you realize. 

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4 Chapters

Module 2: 4 weeks to more balanced moods

Here will be the support provided for each week that will help you stabilize your moods. 

Week 1: Support and Tools 4 Lessons

Diet modification:Good Protein and fat to stabilize blood sugar

Foods that will help keep your mood stable.

Egg breakfast recipe for mood stabilization

Healthy fats and proteins keep the brain stable and therefore the mood stable

Opt in for helping hands

If you would like our automated system to keep up with you and give you reminders to follow through with our simple program please follow the prompts. 

Week 2:Support and Tools 2 Lessons

Diet modification: Understanding sugar and its effects

How is sugar messing with your brain? Are you addicted? Is it one of the causes of your mood swings?

Lifestyle modification:Better and Higher Quality Sleep with sleep hygiene

Quality and quantity of sleep effects how well you body can tolerate environmental stress.

Week 3:Support and Tools 2 Lessons

Diet modification: Avoiding sugar

See how you respond with avoiding sugar and processed foods

Lifestyle modification: Awareness For how ready you are to change?

This week we will discuss how to determine your readiness for change and how much if any self sabotage you may have.

Week 4:Support and Tools 3 Lessons

Which diet is for me to keep my mood stable?

Mood, Medications, Supplements and Diet. How Important are each in relation to your depression?

Medication and supplementation

Which is more helpful?

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1 Chapter

Bonus: emotional processing tools

Some simple guidelines and reference to tried and true stress processing techniques. 

Simple fast and effective mood stabilizing emotional processing tools. 3 Lessons

Emotional freedom technique or “EFT”, or “Tapping”

Learn to use a simple tapping technique that will help you balance and process your mood swings. 

How to use EFT for mood swings

Simple tapping technique for mood swing relief

First Aid Stress Tool (FAST)

Simple enough stress tool that even my 2 year old knows how to use it.