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  • Fast track to symptom relief. Foundations of getting you well fast.

Fast track to symptom relief. Foundations of getting you well fast.






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Here we introduce you to our passion to help people get well by changing from the inside. We learn to honor our pain and make it our super power. All the while learning to listen internally finding strength from within to heal and attract health moving forward.

Fast track to symptom relief. Foundations of getting you well fast.

Mental/Emotional and Energy work

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Using simple muscle testing and reflex points you will be able to eliminate the roadblocks to health, turn on the healing ability of the body and let the natural energy of your patients do the work for you. It is a simple process that deals with FUNCTIONAL PHYSIOLOGY rather than cadaver physiology. ComprehensiveHealing solutionsI wish to introduce you to a system of healing that has grown out of acupuncture, naturopathy, radionics and, most of all, chiropractic. It is called Total Body Modification (TBM) and has been taught throughout the world, largely to chiropractors, since 1978.

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A basic introduction to a mind body healing modality.

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About the teacher

Dr. Cy Fisher ND

Dr. Cy Fisher is a naturopathic doctor at Equilibrium Natural Health. As a practitioner, he is passionate about helping individuals reach better health by empowering them with skills and knowledge to take an active role in his/her own healing. His natural treatment plans focus on emotional healing, natural pain relief, sleep, and digestive health. Dr. Fisher received his doctorate degree from the National College of Natural Medicine and completed his undergraduate studies at Dixie State University where he earned a Bachelor of Biological Sciences degree. When he's not helping patients get well, he enjoys spending time with his wife and three children.

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