Week 4 - Genetics?

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Have some of the solutions so far made a difference in your back pain? We’ve given you a lot of information over the past four weeks! The goal has not been to have you do every single habit change suggested so far, but to have you choose several that you can try implementing in your daily life. Have you experienced any improvement in your symptoms from following any of the tips covered? Have you had a decrease or resolution in bloating, gas, constipation or nausea? If you have not had a reduction in your symptoms and you have done what we have suggested now is the time to get some professional support. We hope you’ve seen the importance of supporting your health in all areas, physical, mental and biochemical as well. You’re welcome to share your experience with us at our website. For this last week we want you to select two to four of the tips we’ve covered so far and practice them through the week. We’ll check in with you by email at the end.

However, we know that you may also not have experienced any major results by this point. We understand that this can be frustrating. You may think of it as simply a genetic trait that can’t be helped. While it’s true there are some genetic diseases that can’t be treated traditionally, most of the diseases we experience today are epigenetic diseases. What does ‘epigenetics’ mean? It literally means “above the genes”. It means we can turn our genes off and on based on the environment that we are placed in. That means what you eat and are exposed to, be it stress, toxins or physical stressors, change how your genes express. You may have some genetic mutation that may cause some dysfunction for you but it will often express only if your environment causes it to express. That also means that the environment you are healing in creates a major impact on how your genes express and if you will get well. To put it in simple terms, you have the power to change your genetic response by what you eat, what you do, and how and where you spend your time.

If you have not achieved the results you want there is likely another factor in your health that needs to be addressed by a healthcare professional. That is what makes our clinic unique. We focus on finding the root-cause of our patients’ ailments and offer quality natural therapies to address the cause. Traditional medications act more as a band-aid but natural medicine addresses the cause directly. We treat patients struggling with digestive issues every day! One of our patients said,

“Dr. Fisher is what you wish every doctor could be: passionate, engaged, caring, and knowledgeable. He helped treat my acid reflux, for which I rarely have recurrences. Plus, no meds! Dr. Fisher is passionate about personal health— especially using the body’s own tools to get results. I've followed his diet and other recommendations for managing acid reflux, and it's paid off. He's fantastic.”

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At Equilibrium Natural Health we partner with our patients on an individual basis and help them achieve the results they need in their digestive health. We strive to provide healthcare that is worth their investment. As part of this guide we invite you to schedule a free 15 minute discovery session with Dr. Fisher, our naturopathic doctor. There we can follow up with in person on what you learned from this guide and how our additional care can help you. You can call us at (360) 698-4141 or schedule on our website.

As a reminder we also want you to take time to select some solutions from the previous three lessons and write a game plan to implement them this last week. We’ll follow up through email. Best of luck!

Please note, this guide is in no way a diagnosis of your individual symptoms. If implementing these tips into your daily life does not provide a resolution of your symptoms, it is important to visit with a health care provider for further help and evaluation. There may be important pathological issues that need to be diagnosed and treated with a trained healthcare provider. Please refer to your physician before starting any supplements or lifestyle changes.

Week 4 - Genetics?


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Dr. Cy Fisher ND

Dr. Cy Fisher is a naturopathic doctor at Equilibrium Natural Health. As a practitioner, he is passionate about helping individuals reach better health by empowering them with skills and knowledge to take an active role in his/her own healing. His natural treatment plans focus on emotional healing, natural pain relief, sleep, and digestive health. Dr. Fisher received his doctorate degree from the National College of Natural Medicine and completed his undergraduate studies at Dixie State University where he earned a Bachelor of Biological Sciences degree. When he's not helping patients get well, he enjoys spending time with his wife and three children.