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Investing in Your Health

Lesson 3 Chapter 1

A big misconception in today’s society is that healthcare is about the doctor giving the patient a magic instant solution. We’ve become so acclimated to medications and surgeries that provide instant results and relief. These treatments are important in acute situations, those issues which are life threatening or extremely uncomfortable such as a leg break or heart attack. However, acute treatments are only a band-aid solution for chronic health issues, those more-long term developed issues, such as sleep trouble, back pain, and even stress. Even worse, acute treatments can come with serious side-effects.

The reality is that long-lasting health is achieved over consistent and simple health habits, not just a two-time pop of a pill. Natural healthcare provides those health habits without the discomforting side effects sometimes caused by traditional medicine. At Equilibrium we address your health condition in a joint effort of both traditional AND natural medicine. We want to address your immediate issues and help you to achieve long-term health. You can start to see your health as an investment, something worth a little time and effort. Health is a journey, not a destination. 

Simple Health Habits

So, we’ve mentioned “simple health habits”, the investments you make to your health. These habits often concern basic health needs. The very first one we want cover with you is healthy food.

There is a lot of information that is scattered about what food is the best for you and what fad diet might be playing out right now but the reality is there is no one diet for everyone. There are three main types of metabolism or way the body takes in energy and they are grouped in thirds. One third of the population needs lots of green vegetables and should have minimal meat or animal proteins, one third of the population that needs a balance of meat and veggies and the last is the third of the population with the fastest metabolism that needs to eat red meat or meat in general at about every meal.

At Equilibrium Natural Health our starting point with everyone is food. It is your poison or your best healthy energy source 3 times daily. You will be receiving a customized diet as part of your plan that will be presented to you at the second visit, the "report of findings".

It is important to note that our goal is to build up your level of health so that you have a nice buffer and can handle splurging every now and again, think of it as your health bank account. For most patients that means eating pretty well through the week, making deposits to that account, and then picking a day where you can eat what you want, making a withdrawal. It's nice to be able to eat out occasionally with friends or go traveling without too much worry of how you will feel afterwards. There is usually a period of 24 hours you may not feel as well but if you go back to eating well most of the time then you’ll have the energy to recover easily from these types of events.

It's a matter of making regular deposits to your health bank account so you can afford to make withdrawals from time to time with no issues. The more you make investments to your health, the more ability you'll have to live and do the things you want in the future. 

In the next lesson we're going to discuss morphogenic field healing, a technique that we use to determine what supplements will best help you to heal. Talk to you soon!

(Last Updated On: June 17, 2019)