A successful health foundation begins with knowledge. Knowledge is most certainly power. This mini course was designed to help empower you with the necessary information to determine if our clinic and my treatment philosophy are in line with how you wish to reach your health goals, and, therefore, whether or not you wish to partner with me to achieve them.

The Discovery Session - Two Parts
Part one of the Discovery Session consists of this Mini Course, which is independently completed by you. The course contains a single chapter broken up into three main sections with two additional optional lessons as shown in the course map at the left. Lesson one contains a short video and activity, while lesson two contains a short video and accompanying survey for the course overall. While the additional lessons are optional, it is of course encouraged that you view them.

Part two of the Discovery Session consists of our follow-up conversation, which we will conduct either over the phone or in-person based on your preference at time of scheduling. During this conversation we will explore together if my treatment methods and techniques match the direction you wish to go with your health. I look forward to answering all of your most pressing questions. Please know that there will be no diagnosis or treatment during part two. Rather, it is strictly your opportunity to ask your questions and determine if my answers provide you with assurance I have something to offer you.

To begin lesson one of two, please mark this Lesson Introduction complete using the blue "Mark lesson complete" button below and then again to continue to the next lesson.

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