Our Anxiety Treatment Options

Stress and anxiety are different, but they are interrelated. In helping patients to better manage stress and anxiety in their life we work to help them identify causes and contributors. We teach and practice a number of natural therapies with our patients to help them manage stress and anxiety. 

One technique we teach our patients is to have a 'check in' with themselves to help them build greater self-awareness. This is a technique you can use to observe how you are feeling. The featured video can walk you through how to do this. This is something we encourage patients to practice often. 

We also practice the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) with our patients. This technique is a practical way for letting go of negative emotions in the body. EFT is a fast and effective technology to help patients move past emotional barriers. We have used this technique in clinic for many years to help people move through hard stressful situations. It's also effective for phobias like being afraid of spiders. We can show you in the office how to it do for yourself. Many times it is helpful to have an experienced practitioner to help with any of the deeper emotions that need to be supported. EFT is best utilized on a daily basis for simple stress reduction. emofree.com is a great place to find additional information.

With all treatments we advise our patients on effective healthy eating and other protocols which are integral to overall healing and better emotional wellness. Additionally we may utilize remedies to treat underlying contributors to stress and anxiety.

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