Back Pain

Back pain is a very common ailment that many adults will experience at some point in their life. It can be very frustrating putting a limit on activities and ability. It can develop from the strain or heavy pressure put on the lower back. This can occur from activities that require frequent and repeated pressure on the back such as lifting, bending over, or even jobs that simply require long hours of standing or sitting. These repeated activities may cause misalignment in spinal vertebrae. Arthritis or degenerative disc disease are other causes. Discs are the padding between the spinal vertebrae that act as shock absorbents. When one of these discs bulges it sometimes presses on the nerves running out of the spinal column causing pain or even tingling and numbness. Explore alternative treatments for back pain.

Available Treatments

Surgery and pain medication should be a last resort to relieving pain. Non-invasive treatments for back pain are numerous. Chiropractic care and physical therapy can help restore function to joints by strengthening muscles surrounding joints and restoring alignment and proper structure to the body. 

Prolotherapy/PRP is another great alternative to surgery and steroidal injections. Prolotherapy/PRP injects the site of injury with a natural solution that creates a dramatic increase in the body's healing response to that area and can help greatly with relieving pain. With any treatment, patients will see the best results as they maintain the basics of good health, particularly a healthy diet, staying hydrated, and adequate sleep each night. Learn more about prolotherapy/PRP‚Äč

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