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Seeking relief for nagging back pain?

We know how frustrating it is to have your life interrupted by back pain. You need a solution- maybe you've tried painkillers. Maybe you've hoped it'll 'just go away.' It's likely that neither of these have worked long-term. Surgery may seem like your last option-- but that's not true! We want to help you experience the power of natural healing and improve your quality of life by decreasing your back pain. Your life with less pain.  

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  • Feeling trapped; like surgery and medications are the only options? 
    We believe in natural healing-- this guide presents real natural solutions for reducing back pain. No prescriptions or surgery.
  • Want a great way to learn natural pain relief at home? 
    Our guide is easy to incorporate into your daily life and will help you make the changes you need to bring down your pain. 
  • Overwhelmed by all the different (expensive) options? 
    Our guide is a package of solutions that have been successful for real patients. We can't promise that your pain will disappear completely without personal care from a physician, but what you learn here will likely help. This guide is FREE. You can opt-in after viewing the first lesson.

Meet Dr. Cy Fisher, ND

Cy Fisher is a naturopathic doctor at Equilibrium Natural Health. As a practitioner, he is passionate about helping individuals reach better health by empowering them with skills and knowledge to take an active role their personal healing. His natural treatment plans focus on emotional healing, natural pain relief, sleep, and digestive health. Dr. Fisher received his doctorate degree from the National College of Natural Medicine and completed his undergraduate studies at Dixie State University where he earned a Bachelor of Biological Sciences degree. When he's not helping patients get well, he enjoys spending time with his wife and three children.

Please not this guide does not act to diagnose your symptoms. But we won't leave you hanging! In it we'll explore more involved natural therapies for back pain if you find the solutions presented do not help reduce your symptoms.

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Copyright 2023 - Equilibrium Natural Health - All Rights Reserved

Copyright 2023 - Equilibrium Natural Health - All Rights Reserved