(Last Updated On: May 7, 2019)

Mental Emotional Healing    

All too often it becomes clear that there is an illness with our society, one that we are due to wake up from. For as much we develop, grow and innovate, We have become more and more isolated. Separate from each other and from true healthy connection. Why does it take tragedy for us to realize what is ailing us? Society has a mental emotional health problem. Too many are suffering with depression and the stifling feeling of isolation.  Sometimes terrible acts of violence are committed against innocent people. It is time to tap into true forms of therapy and holistic well being.  Acupuncture and healthy communal gatherings are part of the solution.

Thousands of people are battling with anxiety and depression. While only very few will be violent towards others, many are still seeking help and are not satisfied with the results or side-effects of  prescription medication. We need to look into other forms of treatment, lifestyle and therapies.  Acupuncture is especially beneficial for mental emotional health. While it has been practiced for thousands of years, society is just beginning to realize its amazing benefits. In addition to treatment, we also need more events centered around wellness, healing, education and empowerment.   The combination these gatherings and treatments will help people not only improve their mental emotional health, but also allow them to feel more connected to themselves, as well as community. This will give people the necessary tools for personal wellness and transformation.  

                                                                                 Issues with Society

           What has happened in our society that people feel so isolated? Somewhere in our pursuits, we have lost the tribe.  We have lost community. Healthy community is something we really need to seek out, rather than have readily available to us. We work long hours, drive in traffic, get home, are tired. We often don’t find time to eat meals with our families anymore. If we do, it’s often in front of a television.  Most families are not spending enough time talking and listening to each other about meaningful things.  It’s become harder to find healthy groups for emotional support. It takes a lot more effort than it does to be alone and feel isolated.

                   Talk therapy is helpful and important, but beyond that? We are given pills, but not treatment, therapy or lifestyle recommendations to help address the underlying cause. We have been conditioned to take a pill for everything, without truly looking at why we are feeling the way we do. In addition, some studies show that anti-depressant medications often make people more depressed, with a greater likelihood of depressive relapse.  Studies also show there is also an increased chance of suicide in youth and young adults.  Sure, at times there is a place for those medications or in extreme cases, psychiatric hospitals. However, for the majority of people who battle with depression, bipolar disorder and mental emotional swings, psychiatric hospitals are not necessary. The medications are only scratching the surface of the underlying problem.

                  The conventional approaches with medication are only band aids and temporary fixes to deeply entrenched problems. We need to be taught to ride the depths of our emotional being and go into the deep space of feeling, to truly get in touch with ourselves. We need more education about healthy rituals, as well as communal gatherings, to help the individual and the collective as one. We need more education, awareness and research into other forms of effective therapies. Ones that go to the source of the issue and offer long term results.

                                                               Acupuncture is Part of the Solution

                 Acupuncture is an effective therapy, which has been practiced for thousands of years. It helps the patient come back into harmony with their most natural healthy state. Even if they haven’t experienced it before!  It has become an accepted mainstream treatment in recent years for pain, and soon people will discover it can do so much more.  I can share from my clinical experience, that acupuncture,  is excellent for mental emotional health.  It is an effective solution to overcome depression and deep trauma. Helping to make long lasting and permanent changes, for the individual and the family. It is a lighthouse reaching out in the dark sea, that is so needed right now. 

           So how does acupuncture work?  First, it is important to know that specific areas of the body correlate to various other parts. These include the brain, the heart, all the organs, the glands, tissues, etc. Through the insertion of tiny needles in specific areas, signals are sent to the hypothalamus of the brain, the nervous and immune system. It instructs the body and its various systems to get back into balance. To find its most natural healthy state.

             A series of acupuncture treatments will have many benefits. It will be unique for each person, depending on their needs. Often stress, anxiety and depression reduces or goes away all together. People may feel more energized and full of life, sleep better and suddenly take up a new hobby or get back to their old favorites. Acupuncture helps to normalize blood pressure, reduces inflammation, improves circulation and balances hormones. Overall people just feel better in the short and long term. In addition, Herbal medicine is a therapy where specific herbs are chosen to match each patient’s needs, goals and constitution. It helps to  similarly to acupuncture and maintains the progress in between the sessions.

               Sound healing is another powerful medium,which is another essential tool for total health and wellness. It has the ability to bypass our filters of  rational thought and be felt on an emotional level. Anyone who knows how they feel when listening to their favorite songs already understands this concept! When using the right instruments, with the right intention, sound is very therapeutic.

            In general, as a society, we are not taught what steps we need to take to improve our health and well being.  Or the benefits of yoga, meditation, creative expression and mindfulness practice. We are not taught that if we make a commitment to ourselves, we can overcome what ails us. People are just given a pill and labeled as this condition or that diagnosis. Why don’t we (Doctors and Medical Professionals) start saying to people, “You are under a lot of stress, have experienced A,B,C.  Of course, your health, hormones and mood are out of whack!  However, there is a solution and you are part of it! Together, with my help, you have what it takes to overcome what is ailing you. How does that sound?!”  

            That’s why I’m writing this article and sharing this message. To say there are solutions to what ails you. You are part of this process and together we can do it.  Transform and overcome. To live the life you want and deserve. We are all worthy of that.

            If this has peaked your interest, I encourage you to call to schedule a complementary consultation and we’ll see if we can help.  Look on our websites and social media pages for upcoming  events and offerings. We will be hosting them to help empower the community and the individual. For we are all part of the same tribe.   

In Light & Health,

Michael Maniloff

Acupuncture Physician, LAc, EAMP