Welcome to Equilibrium Natural Health

Going to a new clinic for some can be a different experience than what they are used to. We cultivate a clinic environment that's comfortable for our patients. We'll do what we can to help your first visits to be as smooth and simple as possible. From there we'll utilize what we've learned from you to put you on the road to better health.

First Visit

Instructions to make your first visit with us can be as effective and comfortable for you as possible.

What We Do

What is naturopathy and how do we utilize it to help out patients reach optimal health?


We offer a variety of therpies to increase your wellness wherever you need support. From physical, to biochemical, to emotional.

Follow-Up Visit

What we'll do at the report of findings to begin you on the road to better health.

Wellness Plans

One of the best aspects of our clinic is the highly customized wellness plans that we formulate with you based on all aspects of your health.

Billing/ Insurance

Have questions about billing and insurance?
We can help you here!