First Visit

The Basics

  • - Duration is approximately 45-70 minutes.
    - Purpose is to discuss health concerns and goals/determine the root cause of dysfunction
    - Purpose to collect information via Metabolic Testing
    - Includes a review of previous blood work, imaging, or other lab documentation
    - For immediate treatment of illness or pain, a supplement or homeopathic remedy is usually given/provided for reduction of symptoms

We ask that you please:

  • - Adequately prepare for your Metabolic Test. Metabolic testing uses urine and saliva specimens. Samples of each are required at this visit. It is crucial that you educate yourself about the test the day before your initial appointment as preparation begins upon rising the morning of your appointment. Please see “Test Preparation” for important details. There is also an instructional video below. You are also welcome to call our office.
  • - Arrive 10 minutes prior to your appointment.
  • - Have a fully set-up patient portal (the invitation expires within 24 hours so immediate attention to the initial email invitation is crucial)
    - Have all insurance information submitted to Prestige Medical Billing through the link in the initial email invitation as soon as is practicable. See our Billing/Insurance/HSA page under What to Expect for more information or to submit insurance information without using the link in the initial email.
    - Have all intake paperwork completed no later than the day before your scheduled appointment. We are a virtually paperless clinic so it is preferable that all intake documents are completed and submitted on-line. The only exceptions we make are for those without internet or computer access, or those without technology knowledge. For these rare and special cases, hard copies can be printed for your completion. Then a member of our staff will scan them in and upload them to your patient portal.
    - Women please wear pants (no skirts) to your appointment.
    - Avoid wearing perfume/cologne, essential oils, or scented hair products or lotions as other patients or staff in our clinic could be highly allergic.
    - Bring bottles of all supplements/medications you are currently taking. A list of supplements and medications is okay but it is most beneficial if the actual bottle is present, even if the bottle is empty.
    - Please bring documents of lab work (blood work, imaging, etc.) performed in the last year, and/or any claim information pertaining to motor vehicle accidents

Patient Education:

Metabolic Test Preparation Instruction

These test preparation steps are essential are for us to best address your symptoms. We ask that you please review these steps carefully before for your first visit. If you have any questions please contact us.

Triangle of Health - Getting to the Root of Your Symptoms

Patients go to the doctor because they have symptoms. Our methods in using the triangle of health allow us to evaluate three components to find the root of your symptoms:

  - Physical
  - Emotional
  - Biochemical/ Nutritional

The Home Run Formula and Communicating with Your Doctor

Your doctor will look different stressors that contribute to your health issues. Here you'll learn more about what they look at and how you can communicate better with your doctor. 

An introduction to the Morphogenic Field Technique

All molecules have energy fields around them. The Morphogenic field technique is rooted in the science of energy fields around molecules. We utilize those energy fields to find what will help the patient to reach their optimal level of health most quickly and effectively.

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